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2019/06/06 Board Meeting

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Submitted by JeffDeluca on Fri, 08/02/2019 - 17:16

5/6 Minutes
LMGA Board Meeting, June 6, 2019
2:30 PM-TLC Board Room

Members Present:
Past President - Mr. Barber
President - Mr. Hainly
Interclub Char - Mr. Poleynard
Vice President - Mr. Schepis
Golf Chair - Mr. Bellucci
Treasurer - Mr. Palermo
Deer Creek Team Captain - Mr. Quinn
Interim Secretary - Mr. Monaco
Marshwood Team Captain - Mr. Brunton
Asst. Technology Chair - Mr. Belanger
Oakridge Team Captain - Mr. Resler
Social Chair - Mr. Bunn
Standards Committee - Mr. Siegel
New Neighbors Golf Chair - Mr. Klein
Guest - Mr. Deluca

1. Call to Order, Approval of Minutes: Mr. Hainly called the meeting to order at
14:40. A Quorum was present. Agenda and Minutes of 5/9 were approved.
2. President’s Report: Mr. Hainly introduced Mr. Resler who will be serving as
Interim Oakridge Captain as a result of Mr. DeHaven’s departure and Mr.
Deluca who will be assisting with technology tasks. A motion to appoint Mr.
Monaco as Interim Secretary as a result of Mr. Brennan’s resignation was
made, seconded, and approved unanimously. Mr. Hainly discussed the
current status of the weekly par 3 course trial going well. Low attendance on
Wednesdays so may move to Saturday and Sunday offerings only. Mingle
with Pros - Ty Weller is in charge. First event scheduled on June 20. Topic
will be golf instruction. Nine and Dine - Brian Sams is in charge. Will be
conducted once per month from July - Sept. with 4:30 start. Probably on
Fridays. Skills Challenge - Mike McNutt in charge. Events in June, July, and
August w/ pitching, chipping, and putting. Will have gender and age-based
divisions. Will recognize flight winners and overall champion. Discussed
coordinating Speaker events with TLC staff (Justin Brown) to avoid conflicts.
3. Vice President’s Report: Mr. Schepis reported on a program entitled “Pride of
the Green” headed up be Nancy Early. It’s goal is to educate the
membership as to how to properly repair ball marks on the green, fill divots
and rake bunkers to maintain the conditions they are currently at. K-Vests
which are a high tech training tool to improve a golfers swing, have been
purchased for each of the pro shops. The Pros are currently being provided
training as to how to use them.
4. Standards Comm: Mr. Siegel discussed in great detail the process being
used to establish standards that will address issues provided by member
input to the maintenance staff. They will develop a plan that will measure the
effectiveness of maintenance initiatives to address a specific issue, identify
an lessons learned to prevent recurrence of the issue and incorporate them
into a Maintenance Plan to prevent recurrence of the issue.
5. Treasurer’s Report: Mr. Palermo reported that no unusual expenses have
been observed.
6. Membership Report: No significant changes to membership have occurred
7. Technology Report: No Report
8. Golf Chair Report: No Report
9. Club Captains Report: No Report
10. New Neighbors Golf Captain Report :Mr Klein stated the transition of chairs
is complete
11. Social Chair Report: Mr Bunn stated that the Tom Coyne speaker event has
been finalized and will take place on Sept. 23 in the Plantation Ball Room.
Mr. Bunn also stated that all the restaurants that give LMGA members
discounts are on-board to continue that practice.
12. Old Business: Mr. Brunton suggested that the new LMGA member
mentoring process should also be provided to New Neighbors golfers. He
will work with Mr. Klein on this task.
13. New Business: None
14. Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM.
Next Meeting: Aug 1, 2019 at 03:00PM in TLC Board Room
Submitted: R. Hainly