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2019/08/01 Board Meeting

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Submitted by JeffDeluca on Thu, 09/12/2019 - 19:52

LMGA Board Meeting, August 1, 2019 3:00 PM-TLC Board Room

Members Present:
President - Mr. Hainly
Interclub Chair - Mr. Poleynard
Vice President - Mr. Schepis
Marshwood Team Captain - Mr. Brunton
Asst. Treasurer - Mr. Brown
Plantation Team Captain – Mr. Schmidt
Membership Chair - Mr. Ambrose
Oakridge Team Captain - Mr. Resler
Technology Chair – Mr. Cunningham
New Neighbors Golf Chair - Mr. Klein Asst.
Technology Chair - Mr. Belanger
Social Chair - Mr. Bunn Asst.
Technology Chair - Mr. DeLuca
Past President - Mr. Barber
Golf Chair - Mr. Bellucci
Standards Committee - Mr. Ura
Asst. Golf Chair – Mr. Skipper
Special Projects - Mr. Staman

1. Call to Order, Approval of Minutes: Mr. Hainly called the meeting to order at 3:05. A Quorum was present. Agenda and Minutes of 6/6 were approved.
2. President’s Report: Mr. Hainly advised Tournament committee has not met recently but they will meet on 8/12 to address all of next year’s tournaments including fundraisers. Rick Cricenti will replace Dave Breithaupt as Communications Co-Chair. He and Herb Gallagher will handle communications. New rules cards (bag tags) are coming for LMGA & LWGA.
3. Vice President’s Report: Mr. Schepis gave the Golf & Greens committee report; there has been a lot more communication on course conditions, feedback has been positive. Turf Talk event was not well attended but was very informative. Request made to “call out” people if they’re seen using white practice balls on the course (peer pressure). There was no communication to membership on eliminating the P.A. system by the starters. Frank to request an explanation for the decision be made to membership; also why no transition period. This type of communication could be done via Weekly Up to Par. Provide any feedback on member experience items to Frank. Korn-Ferry event to be held is 1 week later, Mar30-Apr5.
4. Standards Committee: Mr. Ura stated the entire Standards Document is getting a rewrite and will be available soon. The standards will take into account seasonal conditions. Expect that three courses again will be overseeded; one will be Deer Creek. Overseed vs. Dye is cost neutral, though overseed requires more labor in the long run. No decision made on closing DC earlier than last year for the event. Consensus was allowing additional closure time was the right thing if helpful to the tournament.
5. Treasurer’s Report: Mr. Brown provided the $9800 YTD expense breakdown. About $16,000 remains in reserve. Food & beer prices have increased. There has been no negative feedback on the $5 increase on B-A Cup play days.
6. Membership Report: Mr. Ambrose reported that the Wed. night scramble continues with participation from the targeted audience; full-time working golf members. About one-half of this group has joined LMGA.
7. Technology Report: Mr. Cunningham reported that he and Jeff will work on cleanup of old emails and drafts in the LMGA mailbox and other web page issues.
8. Interclub Report: Mr. Poleynard reported that request to play will come out in September. Scheduled play dates will be Dec. 2 through March 10. LMGA will again provide registration fee which is partially refunded by team winnings.
9. Golf Chair Report: Mr. Bellucci reported the course changes for LMGA events have been communicated via email and the website now reflects this. John will send an email with the USGA’s position on handicap second adjustment that we follow, as a result of competing from different tees. Working with Mr. Bunn on B-A Cup lunches and LMGA Championship lunch and dinner. Will review overseeding schedule, when available, and any impact on EOY LMGA tournaments.
10. Club Captains Report: Mr. Hainly and Mr. Schepis reported 2 new captains will be named this year prior to the Oct B-A cup to help on-board the new guys. Also plan to recruit assistant captains in 2020 to provide backup and a feeder system for future captains.
11. New Neighbors Golf Captain Report: Mr. Klein stated there have been 12 new golfers join NN this summer, and all are being encouraged to join LMGA.
12. Social Chair Report: Mr. Bunn reported the Tom Coyne speaker event has been finalized for Sept. 23 in the Plantation Ball Room. We have 110 people registered; the max is 300. We’ll open it to LWGA & L9GA, then full Club membership.
13. Old Business: Mr. Staman reported we should be able to initiate the audit process this fall. It will show the % of rounds played vs. rounds posted. After review of results, Board will determine how to proceed. Mr. Brunton has drafted new LMGA member mentoring program message. Unsure of TLC lead on this effort. Mr. Schepis will talk with Golf & Greens, Mr. Hainly to talk to Gretchen (TLCo Ambassadors Program), Mary Morgan (TLC Membership) & MMSC.
14. New Business: Mr. Hainly reported that he and Mr. Schepis will pursue the development of a policy on what can go out via LMGA email to all members, so future Boards can use as a reference and there are no abuses of the system for personal or non-golf promotions.
15. Meeting was adjourned at 4:45 PM.

Next Meeting: Sept 5 at 3:00 pm in Plantation Library Submitted: J. Klein/R. Hainly