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2019/12/05 Board Meeting

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Submitted by JeffDeluca on Tue, 12/10/2019 - 16:47

Members Present:
President - Mr. Schepis
Vice President - Mr. Snyder
Interim Secretary - Mr. Klein
Treasurer – Mr. Brown
Asst. Treasurer – Mr. Voss
Technology Chair - Mr. Cunningham
Asst. Technology Chair - Mr. Belanger, DeLuca
Social Chair – Mr. Bunn
Membership Chair – Mr. Ambrose
Communications Co-Chair - Mr. Cricenti; Gallagher
Interclub Char - Mr. Poleynard
Golf Chair - Mr. Bellucci
Asst. Golf Chair - Mr. Skipper
Deer Creek Asst. Team Captain - Mr. Quinn
Marshwood Team Captain – Mr. Brunton
Oakridge Asst. Captain - Mr. Warhola
New Neighbors Golf Chair - Mr. Klein
Past President – Mr. Hainly

1. Call to Order, Approval of Minutes: Mr. Schepis “gaveled” the meeting to order at 15:03. A Quorum was present. Agenda and October & November Minutes were approved.

2. Presidents Report: Mr. Schepis stated the Golf & Greens committee will be separated and renamed. One will be called the Golf Committee. Standards committee will be replaced by Greens committee. This will give equal standing to each committee. This is expected to elevate the profile of our golf courses. New chairs and officers will be named in January. Scott Justman will be on both committees.

o All Magnolia Greens will be renovated in Mar 2021. This has been budgeted. Greens have a 25yr life and Magnolia is 40yr old. In 2022 the same is planned for Plantation. Schepis & Bunn to speak to Justman on taking courses under renovation, out of the rotation.
o LMGA Golf policy has been updated. All members will be notified.
o New tee boxes will be created on all courses for Women golfers. They will be between the Course & Skidaway tees and play 4500 yds.

3. Past President Report – Mr. Hainly stated the Annual Tournament schedule being worked on.

4. Vice Presidents Report: No Report

5. Standards Committee: No report

6. Treasures Report: The budget is being developed. Mr. Voss to confirm if Tom Coyne revenue was transferred.

7. Membership Report: Dec 11 letter stuffing will include: 2020 Presidents letter, new membership card, and tourney schedule. Considering how to promote the Hole in One pool to new members, including its amount.

8. Technology Report: Mr. Cunningham & Mr. DeLuca solved the preferred tee box selection. Don’t ever “Delete” people unless approved by Tech team. For the free software we use, we approved donating $200. This provides us technical support if needed.

9. Interclub Report: We beat Hampton Hall who is a top contender.

10. Golf Chair Report: Mr. Schepis report on Mr. Belluci’s behalf that the BA & LMGA cup season ending events were handled very well, especially given the weather. 75 men played on day 1, 81 played on day 2. Clarifications for skins was made after day 1 which resolved some confusion. Mr. Brunton proposed holing-out everything. Brunton & Warhola to write up language for adoption and to explain the change to membership.

11. Club Captains report: Nothing new reported. General discussion on balancing the teams to create more parity, simplify the math (standings), and minimize overflow. Mr. Hainly will send stats out at year end to help captains consider better ways to balance teams. They will attempt to report back by January 2020 board meeting

12. Communications Report: nothing to report.

13. New Neighbors Report: All new neighbors continue to be encouraged to join LMGA. Pace of play is emphasized and on pace.

14. Social Chair Report: We came in under our $3,200 budget, the food was good, our speaker entertaining and insightful and we addressed the shortcomings in a positive meeting with management. Will pursue additional restaurant partnerships to replace those lost. Also, look into Habersham’s or Largo.

15. Old Business: Mary Morgan will help with new golfer mentoring. Greg & Billy to work on language

16. New business
o LMGA hats – mixed opinions on desire to pay approx. $10 for a new hat. All new members will get the new hats. We will start with 12 hats per team and see the demand/willingness for them.
o Vendor partnerships – We lost Cohen Retreat. Mr. Bunn will talk to Habersham’s though they are regulated businesses, thus limited ability to discount products.
o Rebalancing the BA Cup – purpose is to avoid overflow by equalizing active players & handicap spectrum. The 4 captains & Bob will work on an approach for this. Discussed the # of players on tourney days. Its approx. 25% of total membership.
o New Handicap system. Mr. Snyder attended a session held last Tue held by The GA golf Association. Many changes are being made that in the end will lower HC’s for all. The club will hold info sessions that people will be encouraged to attend. LMGA will minimize communication to avoid a waterfall of questions. We will though provide a clear & concise matrix summarizing relevant aspects. The most important item for us is understanding “Net double-bogey”, everything else occurs behind the scenes.
o LMGA Senior division – Mr. Staman proposed an option for those +70 yrs old. Would use a single tee box (medal/course tees). Potential issue is having 2 skins games. Assume 20 players would participate though expect to draw new members into LMGA. For Player of the Year, we could add a Senior POY. Proposal approved on how to formulate this. Frank to add info to Presidents letter.

Meeting adjourned at 4:55 pm. Submitted by J.Klein, edited by F.Schepis
Next Board Meeting January 2nd