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2020 Bouchillon - Ambrose Cup Championship

Each team will play each other team and each day’s Points will be cumulative towards determining the Champion. This should ensure that every team is in it on Day 3 and make the tournament even more exciting!

Here are key points for participation and registration:

• Day 1 will be at Marshwood, Day 2 at Oakridge and Day 3 at Deer Creek. Tee times start at 8AM.

• Beverages & lunch will follow play all 3 days.

• Participants may play any day or all days and must register for each day separately through the web site. You do not have to play all 3 days to play any 1 or 2 days.

The Details:

• Teams will be seeded based on this season’s results with seeding ties being broken by the previous 9 month’s play (total points, then head-to-head).

• Each team will start with the points earned during the 9-month season, earning 1 point for each win.

• Day 1 will pit the #1 seed Deer Creek against the #4 seed Marshwood and #2 Palmetto vs. #3 Oakridge in 4-ball.

• Day 2 will pit the #1 seed Deer Creek against the #3 seed Oakridge, and #2 Palmetto vs. #4 Marshwood in Modified Alternate Shot.

• Day 3 will pit the #1 seed Deer Creek vs. the #2 Palmetto seed, and #3 Oakridge vs. #4 Marshwood in Individual Match Play.

• Teams can win up to 10 points on Day 1 and Day 2 (prorated to however many matches are played) in the matched competition. (For example, if there are 10 matches, each match is worth 1 point. If there are 12 matches, each match is worth .833 points.)

• On Day 3, Teams can win up to 20 points (prorated to however many matches are played) in Singles play.

• Overflow players, if any, will have the opportunity to each earn ¼ point for their team by earning at least 32 Stableford points. Earned Overflow points will be added to each team’s daily total.

• Match winners and those earning overflow points will receive Player of the Year points

• If the Final Total results in a tie, the tie will be settled by a playoff featuring the captain of each team and a partner in a true Alternate shot sudden death format on the 18th hole at Deer Creek.

Each two-man team will achieve parity with a similar combined index total. In summary, teams will compete for up to 9 points during the season, 10 points on day 1, 10 points on day 2 and 20 points on day 3. Overflow points are on top of the 3-day point total, but have to be earned. We’ll post scores every day so everyone knows where they stand. The goal is to make sure all matches are relevant and that every team has a shot on Day 3.

The bottom line – the team that plays the best over the four-part competition – will win! A special thank you to Kelly Bouchillon and Eddie Ambrose for their continued sponsorship of the Bouchillon - Ambrose Cup Sign up now and come out for the 2020 Bouchillon - Ambrose Cup Championship. ________________________________________