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2020 LMGA Championship Tournament – November 18th/19th

We finished up our 2020 season with our annual tournament which was held on Palmetto on Wednesday and Deer Creek on Thursday. The game both days was individual net Stableford. There were 3 Flights in the Club Division, and 2 Flights each in the Club-Medal Combo and Medal Divisions.

In the Club Division, the two-day winners for the 3 Flights were Crews Walden, Peter Altman, and Ed O’Donnell with Peter Altman earning the overall Division crown. In the Club-Medal Combo Division, John Bellucci and Bobby Jones were the 2 Flight winners with Bobby Jones winning the Division Crown. And in the Medal Division, Tony Lombard and Dick Higgins were the Flight winners with Dick Higgins earning the over Division crown. Additional information on the individual day winners along with the most improved golfers from Day 1 to Day 2 is on the attachment. 

Separate from the Tournament Championship, the 2-Day event is the final event of the year for players to earn Player of the Year points which are used to “crown” the 2020 LMGA Player of the Year. Drumroll please ……. The overall Player of the Year for 2020 is Peter Altman who leapt to the head of the pack as the only player to win his Flight on both Day 1 and Day 2 along with being the overall Division winner. Steve Voss finished in second place followed closely by Don Snyder and Dick Higgins. Congratulations to all of you on an outstanding season this year. Additional information is at the bottom of this write-up.

As always, a special thanks goes to the LMGA folks who continue to make these events huge successes while ensuring everyone stays safe and follows all the Corona Virus guidelines. Thank you, President Frank Schepis, for overall organization and Don Snyder for beverage service; Tom Seipel and Steve Voss for handling our beverages; and John Bellucci, Steve Skipper, and Mike Munro for continuing to keep us organized despite many last-minute changes.

Looking ahead, there will be no Thirsty Thursday play on November 26th as it is Thanksgiving Day. Thirsty Thursday play will resume on December 3rd at Palmetto. The game will be individual Stableford where there will be one winner per foursome. Individual Foursome tee times, and special scorecard and beverage handling procedures at the 19th hole will continue to be the order of the day. Sign up now so that you don’t get left out!


LMGA Player of the Year Championship Season

                     Points   Day 1  Day 2   Final Total

Peter Altman  1,450  1000    950     3,400

Steve Voss      1,825    950    500     3,275

Don Snyder    1,800    650    800     3,250

Dick Higgins  1,675    650    900     3,225

Ed O'Donnell  1,225    950    900     3,075

John Bellucci   1,575  1000   500     3,075

Frank Schepis 1,625    250  1000    2,875

Tom Kunce     2,075    250    550    2,875

Bruce Decker  1,550    300  1000    2,850

Larry Batanian 1,250    550 1000    2,800