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2020/01/02 Board Meeting

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Submitted by JeffDeluca on Tue, 01/07/2020 - 14:23

LMGA Board Meeting, January 2, 2020
3:00 PM-TLC Board Room
President - Mr. Schepis (P)
Vice President - Mr. Snyder (P)
Secretary - Mr. Klein (P)
Treasurer – Mr. Brown (P)
Asst. Treasurer – Mr. Voss (P)
Technology Chair - Mr. Cunningham (P)
Asst. Technology Chair - Mr. Belanger, DeLuca (P)
Social Chair – Mr. Bunn (P)
Membership Chair – Mr. Ambrose (P)
Communications Co-Chair - Mr. Cricenti (P); Gallagher
Interclub Char - Mr. Poleynard (P)
Golf Chair - Mr. Bellucci (P)
Asst. Golf Chair - Mr. Skipper (P)
Deer Creek Asst. Team Captain - Mr. Quinn (P)
Marshwood Team Captain - Mr. Brunton (P)
Oakridge Asst. Captain - Mr. Warhola (P)
Plantation Team Captain - Mr. O'Donnell (P)
New Neighbors Golf Chair - Mr. Klein (P)
Past President - Mr. Hainly (P)
P = Present

1. Call to Order, Approval of Minutes: Mr. Schepis “gaveled” the meeting to order at 15:03. A Quorum was present. Agenda and December Minutes were approved.

2. Presidents Report: Mr. Schepis stated the “Golf & Greens” committee will be separated and renamed. One will be called the Golf Committee, chaired by Jerry Stoltz. The Standards committee will be replaced by “Green” committee, chaired by Ken Ura. This will give equal standing to each committee. This is expected to elevate the profile of our golf courses. New chairs and officers have or are being named. Initial mtgs begin this month. Scott Justman will be on both committees.

3. Ken reported separation the Standards committee is a logical and growing trend. More effective discussion & decisions will occur now that committees have 10 not 20 people. These committees are viewed as a conduit from/to the Board to Membership. These committee’s will be split into subcommittees, eg. Communications. Frank requested somebody from the committee attend LMGA board mtg

o All Magnolia Greens will be renovated in Mar 2021. This has been budgeted. Greens have a 25yr life and Magnolia is 40yr old. In 2022 the same is planned for Plantation. Schepis & Bunn to speak to Justman on taking courses under renovation, out of the rotation.
o New tee boxes will be created on all courses for Women golfers. They will be between the Course & Skidaway tees and play 4500 yds.

4. Past President Report – Mr. Hainly stated the Annual Tournament schedule is complete and including in annual letter to membership. His team has not yet met this yr.

5. Vice Presidents Report: No Report

6. Standards Committee: Ken Ura report noted above

7. Treasures Report: The budget was shared. Steve reported 2019 was a break-even year. 2020 budget assumed 430 members which s/b close. The Players lunch & Speaker event not/yet budgeted. We carryover a small surplus to cover Q1 costs as dues revenue won’t come in until Mar-Apr. We expect to lose very few people (10-15 of 450). Motion to adopt the budget was approved.

8. Membership Report: Eddie suggested bolstering vendor section (benefits) to strengthen retention. Frank will target Habersham’s.

9. Technology Report: No report.

10. Interclub Report: Gary reported were in 6th place.

11. Golf Chair Report: John reported Jan schedule was set. Will complete rest of the yr schedule in next few weeks. Delay due to Super Sr. registration. Waiting on food pricing from the club which will determine what will be offered for the lunches.

12. Club Captains report: Nothing new reported. See new business

13. Communications Report: Rick reported Herb does the weekly communication, Rick does the TWATL

14. New Neighbors Report: 2nd annual new neighbors scramble & lunch will be held 2/19 at Plantation. 56 guys signed up so far. All new neighbors continue to be encouraged to join LMGA. Pace of play is always emphasized and is on pace. Joel to send Rick list of all NN to determine who are LMGA members

15. Social Chair Report: No report

16. Old Business:

17. New business
o Larry Brown will talk to Largo, where we buy our beer, for potential discount.
o LMGA hats – The $11 price thru Ty req’d a large min qty (500), S.Nazurak said he was $20. Now looking at other model hats to find a lower price. Larry’s wife will be in Orlando at promotional trade show.
o Rebalancing the BA Cup – The captains & Bob met. Purpose is to avoid overflow by equalizing active players & handicap equity. This was achieved by only moving 5 guys. Captains will review and adjust annually. Captains should notify effected guys ASAP.
o Looking at “LM & LW” doing a mixed scramble. About ½ the board viewed this favorably. More discussion needed.
o Discussed how to attract low handicap players. 26 of 48 weeks we play flighted groups. Further investigation to be done.
o LMGA Super Senior division – Reviewed the document provided. Motion approved to implement the new division. It will be sent out ASAP. Will be put into the TWATL. The 1st match is Feb 6th.
o A robust discussion held on what “in the black” means. Motion approved to standardize “in the black” but delayed till we agree on language. Ball must be totally within the black. Placing the metal tip inside the hole, using the actual 30” of the black paint. Frank and John will write a draft, send to board for feedback. This applies to stroke play, not BA cup events which are match play. Serious consideration will be given to the perception on LMGA endorsing the violation of the rules of golf. Further discussion will take place this month and we will revisit the subject at our February board meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 5:04 pm. Submitted by J.Klein, edited by F.Schepis
Next Board Meeting February 6th