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2020/03/05 Board Meeting

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Submitted by JeffDeluca on Sat, 03/07/2020 - 13:23

3:00 PM-TLC Board Room
President - Mr. Schepis (P)
Vice President - Mr. Snyder (P)
Secretary - Mr. Klein (P)
Treasurer – Mr. Brown
Asst. Treasurer – Mr. Voss (P)
Technology Chair - Mr. Cunningham (P)
Asst. Technology Chair - Mr. Belanger (P), DeLuca (P)
Social Chair – Mr. Bunn (P)
Membership Chair – Mr. Ambrose
Communications Co-Chair - Mr. Cricenti(P); Gallagher
Interclub Char - Mr. Poleynard (P)
Golf Chair - Mr. Bellucci (P)
Asst. Golf Chair - Mr. Skipper
Deer Creek Asst. Team Captain - Mr. Quinn (P)
Marshwood Team Captain – Mr. Brunton (P)
Oakridge Asst. Captain - Mr. Warhola (P)
Plantation Team Captain – Mr. O’Donnell (P)
New Neighbors Golf Chair - Mr. Klein (P)
Past President – Mr. Hainly (P)
P = Present

1. Call to Order, Approval of Minutes: Mr. Schepis “gaveled” the meeting to order at 15:03. A Quorum was present. Agenda and February Minutes were approved (with 2 minor changes submitted by Mr. Hainly).

2. Presidents Report: Mr. Schepis reported the discussion from the last Golf committee.
o Staffing update was reviewed. The reason for the difficulty in attracting women Pro’s is there are far fewer of them thus the cost to hire them is 2-3x more than a male pro.
o There will be a golf instruction program Danny Maude will be here from the UK. He will do 4-5 clinics. Details to follow from the Club.
o Golf Performance/Learning center update: In final stages of the design standpoint. We bought a Trackman. We will invite Scott to discuss the purpose and background for the GPC.
o Retail Operations: Brought in a consultant, Feb20-Mar2, to help with Pro Shop merchandising. We will see white Callaway balls on the Range as well as rental clubs.
o TLC will hire a merchandising Mgr. to oversee the Pro shops. The entire fleet of Rental carts will be replaced. It will be either ClubCar or EZ-Go.
• Dean Phillipo provided an update from the Green committee:
o The Standards Subcommittee members will fill out feedback cards on course conditions they observe while playing that will go back to the Superintendents.
o There is a lot of work going on that is often not known to the membership. More trees will come down, starting with hazard trees, then to improve course conditions.
o Mole cricket treatment has started. If you see courses being watered after it has rained its intentional. Its purpose is to activate fertilizer/pesticides. They are already studying grass seeds to see what may be the best for our courses.
o Palmetto greens to be vented every other week, all other courses on an every 3wk schedule. Magnolia Greens will be renovated in Mar 2021 and has been budgeted.
o We are fully staffed for current demands, not clear if HB1 visa people are/will be fully on-board yet.
• Reminder that The Golf & Green committees are viewed as a conduit from/to the Board to Membership. Each has subcommittees to help pursue focused activity.
• Mar 18th Conversation with the Superintendents – 57 people have signed up, 80 max. We should encourage people to sign-up. If you have topics you want covered send to Frank tonight for our reps mtg with Scott Justman and the Superintendents.

4. Treasures Report: Mr. Voss provided a budget update. Additional revenue coming from Soundview. In Feb we received the member revenue from the Club as expected (~$21k).

5. Membership Report: 451 Members

6. Communications Report: : Rick will be adding Historical LMGA info to the weekly submission for the TWATL

7. Technology Report: Super Sr. flag has been added to the website for weekly play. Schooner cove cameras (2) are up and running. Rick requested volunteers for operate the cameras.

8. Interclub Report: Gary reported we lost ½ our team at the last match at Hilton Head due to weather. We were the 1st team ever to forfeit the entire match. We hosted play on the 26th at Deer Creek. Very good feedback from the other clubs. Last match this week at Sun City. We are currently in last place.

9. Golf Chair Report: Super Senior play has been spotty as Mike has been out. The BA cup from Feb will be moved toward mid to year end for better balance of play and golf course conditions

10. Club Captains report: Bob continues to add new members to Deer Creek team. Oakridge has the most players.

11. New Neighbors Report: 2nd annual new neighbors scramble & lunch was held 2/19 at Plantation. 60 men played, the largest turnout we’ve ever had.

12. Social Chair Report: Discussion on club charges for room setup/event costs. This topic stimulated a lot of discussion. Frank will go to Board for feedback /clarification.

13. Old Business:
Hats – LMGA will get new, imperial hats (quality similar to KF hats). Soundview will buy ½ of them, LMGA will pay for the balance. The cost is approximately $13ea, we’ll charge members $10 for those who want the new style
Golf for a Cure – Kevin Brandin & Bob H. are liaisons. Last yr 140 members playing. So far 60 are signed up.
Sponsors – no progress on Habershams, will resolve by next mtg. Greg Snyder and Steve Bunn will brainstorm on potential new partners for discounts
Super Senior – no play

14. New business
o Soundview $2500 to $5000 contribution toward golf hats. The 3 trophies – POY (Soundview to purchase) Super Sr. POY( LMGA will purchase) , BA Cup winners. In addition , plaques ($99ea) will be purchased for LMGA Tournament champion, LMGA Presidents and Super Senior POY. The 3 trophies would have an inscription that will say, “sponsored by Soundview Wealth Advisors”. The plan is to display these at Deer Creek between Pro Shop and Dining Room.
o Possible Pro clinics – These would be monthly 15min sessions to be held before or after our events. Greg Snyder to coordinate
o Putting Guidelines – We reviewed a revised draft provided by Frank. We finally agreed that:
 All Net Eagles & Birdies Must be putted out.
 In the black WILL be defined and framed as, “if a putt is given…”.
 The final comment will be “If you’re out of the hole, please pick up”
Frank will send one last draft to board members for final approval. Text will be simplified.
Meeting adjourned at 4:58 pm.
Submitted by J.Klein, edited by F.Schepis Next Board Meeting April 9th