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2022/01/06 Board Meeting

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Submitted by JeffDeluca on Thu, 01/06/2022 - 11:39

Guys, I am canceling the Board Meeting tomorrow Thursday, Jan 6. Two reasons:

  1. We had two areas of primary focus for tomorrow and due to the Bocce Finals we had already lost John Bellucci (and Greg Snyder). We have also now lost Steve Voss. So neither officer is available to present their agenda item.
  2. COVID is rearing it’s ugly head again and is making an impact on the island. 

 So, I don’t see the value in pushing ahead with an indoor meeting where there would be minimal substantive discussion. We will roll the January topics into our February Board Meeting and will determine the location closer to the date of Thursday February 3.If anyone has questions please contact me on my mobile number. Pete Quinn