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Announcement: New LMGA Skins Format – MoreSkins Starting April 28th

The LMGA Board of Directors established a subcommittee (Charlie Bradford, Scott Happ, Greg Snyder, Bill Tomassini) and included The Landings tournament directors Andrew Ward and Brian Stefan to explore ideas to improve the weekly skins game.  

  • The objective of MoreSkins is to have more players participate in the weekly skins game, add more money to the skins pool, pay out more skins (fewer cancelations), and provide more opportunity for players of all handicap levels to compete for skins.
  • MoreSkins is a net skins game that handles ties to pay out more skins for the field where possible, instead of multiple cancelations. If multiple players tie for the lowest score on a hole, but only one of those players achieved that with a gross score or fewer handicap strokes, then that player wins the skin.
  • The plan is for the team captains to pilot the new format at our LMGA play date on April 28th.
  • See the examples below and Please contact Bill Tomassini or Phil Redmond if you have any questions

MoreSkins Examples: fewer cancelations, more skins awarded

  • Example #1: A winning skin does not have to be a gross score. The tie breaker rule pays more skins….

Rickie, Dustin, and Justin were the only players in the field to score a net 3 on a hole. In a normal skins competition, they would cancel each other out.Rickie & Dustin received 2 strokes on the hole, Justin only received one stroke. Therefore, Justin wins the skin.

  • Example #2: Gross skin beats a net skin in a tie. Instead of cancellation, more skins awarded….

Tiger and Rory were the only players in the field to score a net 3 on a par 4 hole and tie for a skin.Rory did not receive a stroke on that hole while Tiger did. Therefore, Rory’s gross birdie wins the skin.

  • Example #3: 2 Players tie for low net on a hole, they both received 1 stroke – the skin cancels out 

Phil, Sergio, and Rory were the only players in the field to score a net 3 on a par 4 hole. They each received 1 handicap stroke on the hole. The skin cancels each other out.(Sergio is heard mumbling something in Spanish)Eventually, we will track the skins using Golf Genius. Here are examples of how Golf Genius uses the LMGA MoreSkins format using an example LMGA scorecard adjusted to test these results. In this example 2 additional skins were paid out using MoreSkins instead of cancellations.   

  • Hole #6: Mr. Crews & Mr. Sweet tied for the low net. Mr. Crews had a gross bridie with no strokes, and Mr. Sweet received one stroke. As opposed to canceling other out, Mr. Crews wins the skin
  • Hole #18: Mr. Crews and Mr. Sweet tied for the low net eagle.  Mr. Crews received 1 stroke, Mr. Sweet received 2 strokes. As opposed to canceling out the skin, Mr. Crews wins the skin.