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August 11: Teams in Both Flights Score Big Wins

By Rick Colvin

Teams in both flights ran away from the rest of the field in a new game to the LMGA lineup Aug. 11 on the Oakridge course.

The concept of the game, called Rotation, was simple: teams were required to record three net scores on the six hardest holes, two net scores on the second-hardest six, and just one score on the easiest six. To win, every member of a team is important, especially on holes requiring three net scores.

In the first flight, the stacked team of Peter “new knees” Altman, big-hitting Kevin Brandon, highly accurate Andy Eastwood and deadly putter John Higgins came in at 15 under. In second, was the team of Brian Harkleroad, Ron Thomas, Sam Story and Jack Welch, at 11-under. Third place went to Bruce Decker, David Martin, Edgar Yu and Peter Quinn.

In the 2nd Flight, the team of Michael Peebles, Steve Thomas, Paul Warhola, and Mark Witbeck walked away from the rest of the flight with 17-under and a five-stroke margin of victory. In second, was the team of Pat Beringer, Bruce Gabbitas, Michael Morris, and Thomas Richards.

Wednesday Scramble

Three of the four teams that played in the Wednesday night scramble came in tied, at 6-under on the Oakridge course, requiring a chip-off. Each of those teams also snagged a skin.

Winning the chip-off was the team led by Oakridge head professional Eric “Mitch” Mitchell that included Bobby Balmes, Rick Colvin, and Brian O’Donnell. Colvin hit the winning chip.