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August 26 Results: Lots of Skins Won in Team Stableford Event

By Rick Colvin

The team of Jon Bokina, Jim Golz, Rich Matos, and Mark Monson won the 1st Flight with 139 points in the August 26 team Stableford competition on the Marshwood course.

Winning the 2nd Flight with a score of 138 was the team of Rick Cricenti, Bruce Gingold, Phil Redmond, and Bill Turrentine.

Two teams tied with 131 points in the 1st Flight but the team of Kevin Brandon, Joel Klein, Bryan Morton, and Steve O’Loughlin won in a cardoff over Bret Hardy, David Martin, Kevin Olson, and Bob Schmidt, who were awarded third.

In the 2nd Flight, two teams came in with 136 points. Randy Gladden, Gary Mehes, and Paul Warhola took second in a cardoff with Larry Batanian, Rufus Freeman, Bob Kaplan, and Don Snyder.

Skins winners: Pat Beringer, Bret Hardy, Tom Kunce, David Martin, Gary Mehes, Phil Redmond, Rib Rubin, and Paul Warhola.