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Big Field Produces No Skins Winners for Third Straight Week

By Steve Bunn and Rick Colvin

Attracted by a skins pot enriched by two straight weeks with no winners, 28 players turned out for the Aug. 25 Wednesday night scramble on the Oakridge course.  Alas, no team won a skin, for the third week in a row and, after paying out winnings for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, some of the money was rolled over for a third time.

Not surprisingly, the two top teams were headed up by the Landings professionals in the field.

The team of Deer Creek head pro Spencer Scheeler, Lawton Davis, Mike Mella and Bill Tomassini took first with five birdies and an eagle on the par 5 4th hole for a 29. Two teams tied with 5-under 31s forcing a chip-off challenge for 2nd place.  With a deft chip to a tricky pin placement, Bill Turrentine secured second for teammates Eric “Mitch” Mitchell, the head pro at Oakridge, Jon Bokina, and Bobby Balmes.

The team of Terrapin Point and Palmetto Superintendent Matt Jones, Jonathan Johnston, Daniel Smith, and Jack Welch took third.

With six of the seven teams posted, the leaderboard displayed 3 potential skins: two unmatched birdies and one eagle.  All anxiously awaited the posting of the final group.  But “Mitch” Mitchell’s team played the spoiler, matching the birdies and eagle to nullify all skins.

This week’s scramble will conclude the summer season.