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Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup Match – April 16th, 2020

Weekly play continued using the Club and LMGA Corona Virus social distancing rules. Individual Foursome tee times, and special scorecard and beverage handling procedures at the 19th hole were again the order of the day.

This was the 4th B-A Cup match of the year. The game was 2-man teams playing modified alternate-shot match play where both players hit drives, the team selected one drive, and played alternate shots into the hole. Overflow folks played individual Stableford where a score of 30 or greater earned their team .25 points.

Plantation played against Marshwood while Deer Creek competed against Oakridge. In both matches, the Overflow play separated the winners from the losers. In the Plantation-Marshwood match, both teams scored 4 points for their alternate-shot play but Marshwood added 1.25 Overflow points to win the match 5.25 to 4.0. Likewise, in the Deer Creek-Oakridge match, Oakridge won the alternative-shot play by a score of 4-3 but Deer Creek added 1.25 Overflow points to push Deer Creed to a 4.25-4.0 victory.

A great big SHOUT-OUT goes to all the Overflow players who carried their Marshwood and Deer Creek teams to victory! But it should be noted that 10 out of the 15 Overflow players shot a Stableford score of 30 or greater. This continues a trend where well over 50% of the Overflow players are earning .25 points for their team. Since the goal is to keep this number around 50%, raising the bar to a score of 31 or greater is under consideration by the LMGA leadership. Stay tuned!

Given that this was a B-A match and social distancing rules were in effect, there was no Skins competition. And while there was no lunch served due to Corona Virus restrictions, the usual beverages were available. All appeared to have a great time while practicing their best social distancing behavior. A special thanks goes to the Marshwood staff and the LMGA folks who made this event a huge success while ensuring everyone stayed safe and followed all the Corona Virus guidelines. Thank you President Frank Schepis for overall organization; Tom Seipel and Larry Brown for handling our beverages; Bob Hainly for his scorekeeping; and John Bellucci, Steve Skipper, and Mike Munro for continuing to keep us organized despite many last-minute changes.

So, the 2020 B-A Cup season continues. With its victory, Deer Creek moved into first place with 3.0 points while Plantation slipped to 2nd place with 2.5 points. Marshwood with 1.5 points moved up to 3rd place while Oakridge slipped into DFL with 1.0 points. But that could all change on May 21st when the 1st place team plays the 2nd and the 3rd place team plays the 4th. The game will be Individual net-score match play. Beverages will be served but food will not be due to Corona Virus social distancing restrictions. Sign up now so that you don’t get left out.

And while you are signing up, don’t forget about signing up for next week’s play. We will be at Deer Creek where the game will be Individual Stableford play with 1 winner per each foursome, flighted by handicap. And given the new normal, social distancing will be the word and the practice of the day, both on the first 18 holes and at the 19th hole.