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Competitors Come Up Short in Team PROGS

Note: This is a corrected version of the original posting.

The game of PROGS, or Points Rewarded On Gross Scores (also known as Chicago, or Quota), is not as easy as it first appears. For just the second time in LMGA play, a competition in which golfers earn points against their own course handicaps—with no strokes given to either high or low handicappers—has shown itself to be a tall challenge for both groups.

Of the twelve foursomes that took to the Oakridge course May 23, just one managed to beat their combined handicap "quota," while half carded above-par double-digit scores. In Flight 1, the winning team with a plus-3 combined score included Rick Cricenti, Jon Bokina, Larry Batanian and Ken Ritz. In Flight 2, first place with a combined 2-under points total went to Bruce Decker, Dave Martin, Jay Carey and Jim Higbee.

Two teams posted points scores of 4-under for second place in their respective flights: Phil Redmond, Sophus Schanche, Kevin Brindle and Bob Schmidt in Flight 1; and Tom Richards, Dale Johnson, Sonny Brownlee and Tom Stephens in Flight 2.

In third place for Flight 2 with 5-under were Jon Sweet, Ken Warchalowsky, Sam Story and Bill Tomassini. Third-place winners in Flight 1 with 6-under included Tim Leisman, David Ryan, Bill Wolod and John Landuyt.