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Course & Game Rotation

Each Thursday of the month LMGA features a different match, and the group rotates among the six golf courses at the Landings. 

Of interest to all players:

--  Our Members regularly play from the Club, Medal and combo tees, and a number of players walk the course when the weather is favorable.  Our registration page gives you the opportunity to designate the tees you want to play and whether you plan to walk for each week's match;

--  With respect to handicaps, we have Members with handicaps of 10 or below (lucky them!) and Members with handicaps of 20 or above. Most Members fall somewhere in between;

--  How competitive is LMGA?  It's friendly competition based more on comradery and enjoying the game.  Club House based team events for the Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup are about bragging rights and the championship team picture on the web site.  Most games involve 4-man teams competing against each other.  Some games will group lower handicap players in one flight and higher handicap players in another flight.  Others will incorporate a mixed team from all skill levels.  Yes, if your putt will impact the outcome of the match or game, you’ll probably need to putt it out unless your opponents concede it. ( And yes, we all miss our share of 3-footers—or less—so don’t worry about it);

-- Finally, our priorities can be summed up as “Fun & Fellowship”; to have fun; to meet new people; to play well (or not); and when it’s over, to share a complimentary beer or soda with friends.

Points and Golf Shop credits

Cost for Thursday play is $5 per player.  This is paid out in full every week in Pro Shop credits, which are posted to the winners' accounts following the end of each month.  Depending on the number of players, minimally we will pay out 2 places.  As more players sign up, we will add additional flights.  The more players, the bigger the payout.

Points towards the annual player of the year competition are awarded in a couple of different ways.  For any Thursday play, we award 25 points for playing.  In 4-man team competitions we typically award points for 75 points for first, 50 for second and 25 for third place in each flight.  In individual or two-man team matches, we award 50 points to the winning player(s) (25 to all player in case of a tie).

Monthly Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup Events

On the third Thursday of the month, between January and October, we hold our cubhouse team-based B-A Cup matches.  The format varies in a nine-month round robin tournament culminating in the two-day B-A Cup Championship in October.  Similar to the Ryder Cup format, our matches include 4-ball (two-man best ball), modified alternate shot and individual match play.  As an added bonus, each B-A Cup round is followed by a cook-out of brats and dogs along with the usual beer and soda - all included in your LMGA membership.