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Day 1 Results; Year-End Tournament – November 13th

Despite a 1-hour frost/cold delay, Oakridge played host to the first day of the year-end LMGA tournament that will help decide who walks away with the coveted Player of the Year Award. The game was individual Stableford with 7 Flights, organized by tee choice and handicaps. The individual Flight winners and their scores were: Paul Lieberman (Club-38), Edgar Yu (Club-34), Gef Fleming (Club-39), Roger Belanger (Combo-42), Bruce Decker (Combo-34), Gary Howard (Medal-41), and Kerry Fosse (Medal-41). Congratulations are in order for all of our Flight winners with a special SHOUT OUT to Roger Belanger for the best overall score of the day; a 42 which was quite a feat given the course and weather conditions.

We had over 50 folks enter the Net Skins pool along with another 25 folks who entered the gross Skins pool. There were only 2 winners in Net Skins with Net Eagles: Ted Bumstead and Rib Rubin who took home huge pay-outs. In the Gross Skins competition, there were 4 winners, all with Gross Birdies: Brian Edgar, Paul Lieberman, Greg Maloof, and Jack Welch. Congratulations to all our Skins winners in what was a very competitive field.

So, after the first day of play, John Bellucci remained in 1st place for Player of the Year with Greg Snyder and Roger Belanger jumping to 2nd and 3rd places respectively due to their strong performances today. Overall, here are the top 8 folks in the hunt for Player of the Year: John Bellucci, Greg Snyder, Roger Belanger, Tony Lombard, Scott Happ, Hal Schmidt, Edgar Yu, and Gary Poleynard. Remember, up to 1,000 points are up for grabs tomorrow in each Flight so lots can change! So, congratulations to all our winners.

Tomorrow will be the concluding day of our Year-End tournament. We will be starting at 9am on Palmetto. Those who are signed up to play should have already received their tee time notices. If you must cancel, please notify John Bellucci soonest so that the pairings can be appropriately adjusted. For those of you who didn’t fare that well today, remember that there is a “most improved” award for the person who makes the biggest score improvement going from Day 1 to Day 2. So, everyone has a chance to “be in it to win it”. And don’t forget for those who signed up, the Year-End banquet starts tomorrow evening at 6pm at Plantation. See y’all there.