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Deer Creek Advances, Marshwood Gains in BA Cup Standings

Playing the game of Four Ball, or best ball of partners, Team Marshwood posted its first victory against a hapless Oakridge team this past Thursday, March 14, winning a decisive 7 points to Oakridge’s 2 points, as the season-long Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup competition continues. Meanwhile, the Deer Creek team moved ahead of its previously tied rival, Team Palmetto, in a closely contested  5 ½ to 4 ¾ point victory.

In this third BA Cup outing, Deer Creek has now moved ahead of Palmetto as season point leader, 3 to 2, Marshwood finally posted a win, and Oakridge has yet to show a point on the scoreboard.

Club pros Pete Vitiello, Spencer Scheeler, Kobe Freshwater and Eric Mitchell pitched in to help each team, with mixed results. Scheeler, paired up with LMGA member Keith Krueger, bested the twosome of Vitiello and Jack Welch, while Mitchell and partner Jon Bokina halved their match against Freshwater and Ed O’Donnell.

Despite the scoring imbalance in the Marshwood/Oakridge match-up, there was plenty of drama as several teams played down to the wire to secure a win.

Marshwood’s Don Snyder, paired with Mike Morris against the Oakridge twosome of Tom Richards and Randy Hatch, waited until their match’s final putt—a 10-foot stinger for par—on their final hole for the win. “I certainly didn’t want it to end that way, on the very last putt,” said Snyder. “They managed to stay ahead of us most of the match and we finally caught up, and it came down to that at the end, but I’ll take it. A win is a win.”

The BA Cup season is just getting under way—there will be plenty of opportunity for similarly dramatic wins and losses among the four Teams between now and September, so stay tuned.