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Foursomes “Rotate” to Victory at Deer Creek

Rotation is a game of golf that tests the best of players, as foursome teams must count more balls for their scores on the most difficult holes—three balls on the six highest-handicap holes, then two balls on mid-handicap holes, and finally just one ball on the least challenging six holes.

That was the contest this past Thursday, March 21, on the Deer Creek course, and despite the frequent seasonal rains of recent weeks, both the weather and the course—which has been groomed to perfection in anticipation of the upcoming Club Car Championship—offered perfect conditions for such a challenge.

When the results were tallied, one team ended the day a clear winner with a total net score of 125 for 22 under par. The only team to score less than 130 points, its foursome included Rich Matos, Randy Choat, Magid Khalil and John Spaide.

Tied for second place with total scores of 130 each (17 under par) were Doug Ramey, Tim Leisman, Dan Jackson and Ken Ritz; and Steve Heacox, Jim Rogan, Frank Stanga and Mark Peabody.

Two teams also tied for fourth place with total scores of 133 (14 under par). They included Ed O’Donnell, Larry Batanian, Peter Hering and Bob Meng; and Dave Johnson, John Higgins, Tom Richards and Charlie Pellenberg.



Eight players shared the round’s Skins pot. Dave Johnson had a stellar day with a net eagle on hole 9 and net birdie on hole 5, while Randy Choat won two net birdies on holes 3 and 15. Net birdies on holes 11 and 13 were also carded by Rich Matos and Larry Batanian. Awards for four additional net eagles, on holes 1, 2, 6 and 18, went to Tom Richards, Jim Rogan, Frank Stanga and Phil Redmond.