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High Handicappers Take the Lead in “Odd/Even” Contest

The second February match, a game of one-plus on odd holes and two alone on even holes, played on the Terrapin Point course, yielded some surprising results with winning scores and multiple Skins awards going to players that don’t often find themselves in the prize pool.

Bob Lynn, who recently moved up a tee box at a friend’s suggestion, played exceptionally well, scoring a net 71 overall, and copped net eagles on the 2nd and 18th holes. Meanwhile, another high handicapper, Jim Ulmer, managed to net a double eagle on number 7.

When asked for the secret of his success, Lynn offered a generous answer saying, ”Good teammates. But don’t expect me to be scoring like that every week.” Ulmer was similarly humble in his assessment. Although he shot a natural birdie on the 7th hole, a par 5, he noted that it was the extra stroke he earned on the hole that resulted in a three-under net 2 on his scorecard.  

Lynn’s contributions helped his team, along with Dave Johnson, Randy Choat and Mike Morris, secure first place in a runaway win in Flight 2 with a score of 25 under par. Their closest competitors in both Flight 1 and Flight 2 came in at 20 under. Those teams included James Headley, Gary Hobbs, Brian Piening and John Landuyt (Flight 2), and Randy Gladden, Jon Bokina, Dale Johnson and Ed Suleski (Flight 1 winners).

Second place in Flight 1 with minus 18 were Charlie Pellenberg, Martin Halper, Steve Voss and Phil Redmond. Third place honors in Flight 2 with a score of 16 under went to the team of Dave Creasy, Bruce Decker, Jeff Baker and Mark Witbeck. Also placing third with minus 14 in Flight 1 were Dan Malachuk, Doug Berchtold and the aforementioned Jim Ulmer.

In addition to Ulmer and Lynn’s trophies, other net eagle Skins were won by Rick Colvin, Don Snyder, Steve Shulman and Bill Delaney. Larry Batanian secured the day’s lone birdie Skin on hole number 3.