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Inter-Club Update

Inter-Club Plans for 2014

The Inter-Club program will be significantly expanded during 2014 ensuring that all those who want to participate will have multiple opportunities to play against other regional clubs both at the Landings and at the other clubs.  The basic guarantee is that if you sign up, you will have the chance to play in one or more Inter-Club matches.

In 2014 we are scheduling matches with clubs that were in the 2013 rotation plus we are adding matches with Dataw Island, Ford Plantation and Sea Island.  In addition, we will be competing in the Low Country League which includes Southbridge, Wilmington Island, Savannah Quarters, Crosswinds, Black Creek, Henderson and Savannah Harbor.  There will be plenty of opportunities for all interested to play.            

For 2014 players will be ranked based upon their participation in the monthly qualifiers occurring the first Thursday of each month.  The one guarantee is that if you come out for the qualifiers, you will have the opportunity to play in matches representing TLC.   

Note that all male golf members of TLC are eligible to play.  If you are interested, please contact Gene at (912) 598-4250 or

Inter-Club Results for 2013

In 2013 about fifty players took part in matches against five other clubs including both home and away events. 

  • 198 rounds of golf were played in Inter-Club qualifiers
  • 93 matches were played against seven other clubs both here and off-island.