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January 7th Thursday Play Winners

Game at Palmetto was 1+ on all odd holes and 2 on all even holes.  We paid 3 places per flight.
Flight 1
Winners with -20
K Cote
B Siegel
B Hainly
M Staman
2nd place with -19
J Palermo
J Thompson
M Carpenter
T Elliott
3rd Place with -16
R Heyman
J Lamson (blind draw)
J Weiner
R Gladden
Flight 2
Winners with -21
P Lehmann
G Howard
H Schmidt
S Skipper
2nd place with -20
G Ingham
B Meng
S Patel
C Barthman
3rd place with -15 (scorecard playoff)
R Stark
T York
N Alexander (blind draw)
A Boyce