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July 22 Results: Marshwood and Deer Creek Record B-A Cup Victories

 By Rick Colvin

Victories by the Marshwood team over Oakridge and the Deer Creek team over Palmetto in alternate-shot matches July 22 on the Magnolia course created a three-way tie for first place with Palmetto trailing two points behind in the yearlong race to determine the winner of the 2022 Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup.

Marshwood soundly defeated Oakridge by a margin of 5 to 2 ½ and Deer Creek beat the last-place Palmetto team 5 ½ to 3. Marshwood, Oakridge, and Deer Creek all have four points while Palmetto trails with two.

Two regular season matches remain; the season culminates with a three-match tournament to be held October 6, 15, and 16.

Marshwood head pro Mike McNutt paired with member Jeff Kane to beat Oakridge lead assistant pro Pete Vitiello and his member partner, Joel Klein. Palmetto head pro Chris Leake and member Scott Stockslager halved their match with Deer Creek Assistant Pro Spencer Bethel and member Ron Thomas.

In one of the closest matches of the day, Deer Creek’s Peter Quinn and Frank Schepis beat Palmetto’s Peter Altman and Jeff Nibley 1 up. Quinn said it was a “blood bath,” with one team or the other winning every hole—hardly any ties. Nibley’s excellent chipping kept the match close, either holing out or leaving short putts for his partner.

Oakridge’s John Higgins and Gary Hobbs beat Marshwood’s Charlie Bradford and John Garone thanks, in large measure, to Higgins’ putting. Higgins and Hobbs were two-down after three holes but came back to win 4 and 3. Higgins made many putts in the 10-foot range but also sank several in the 15-25 foot range to tally two birdies as well as a number of one-putt pars.

Marshwood’s Ted Bumsted and Don Snyder were down 2 with three holes to play in their match against Jay Carey and Rib Rubin. But Bumsted and Snyder took the final three holes to garner a win.

Palmetto’s John Landuyt and Richard Colvin got off to a strong start in their match against Deer Creek’s Larry Batanian and Jim Golz, taking a 2-up lead. But Batanian and Golz fought back to tie it up. On the second nine, Landuyt and Colvin got out to a 3-up lead with four holes to go. Once again, however, the Deer Creek pair fought back and Landuyt had to make a 15-foot putt on the final hole to secure the win.