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LMGA Announces New Super Seniors Flight

This is an additional option for golfers who ‘may have lost a little distance’ but want to compete against fellow golfers on a regular basis in an organized game.

Super Seniors will compete in the scheduled LMGA game of the week. The competition will be strictly within their own flight. The prize pool ($5 charged to your club account) will be limited to the number of participants within the flight as will the optional skins game ($5 cash).

Super Seniors will receive their full handicap under the new world-wide handicap system and will compete from their choice of Medal or Medal-Forward Combination tees.

Super Seniors are encouraged to participate with their assigned Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup team during the monthly B-A Cup matches (Ryder Cup format). Super Seniors will be charged the standard lunch fee for B-A Cup days. 

Super Seniors will also have their own Player of the Year competition. Weekly matches, foursomes, scoring, prize allocation, etc. will be conducted in the same manner as standard LMGA practice. Customary LMGA post-match beverages at the score board are, of course, included. 

To qualify as a Super Senior, you must be a member of the LMGA, must be at least 70 years of age at the time of sign-up, and must have an index of at least 16 or higher.

Once you've signed up as a Super Senior, this designation will carry forward for all matches thru the LMGA Championship and will not terminate unless specifically requested. If you join the Super Seniors flight mid-year (i.e.: turn 70 and elect to transfer), then any player of the year points earned to that point will be carried over to your Super Senior status. Joining the Super Seniors flight is strictly optional for those who qualify.

Super Senior competition will begin with the LMGA February 6th match. For more information or if you have questions, please contact the LMGA Super Seniors Captain Mike Staman at or (478-474-2323).