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LMGA August 18 Results: Don Snyder Holes Out From 105 Yards for 2nd LMGA Albatross of the Year

By Rick Colvin

LMGA presidential sibling Don Snyder beat 6 million to 1 odds August 18 and sank his team’s second shot from 105 yards on the par 5 14th on Terrapin Point, contributing to his team’s three-point advantage to win the 2nd Flight. With the pin in the back, Snyder hit a 9-iron and the ball took two bounces and rolled in.

It was the second albatross of the year during LMGA competition and it bore remarkable similarities to the first, which was knocked in March 11 by Mike Staman on Deer Creek No. 18. Both spectacular shots came during Pick Six competitions. Both were set up by strong drives from the Skidaway tees—in this case, Bob Gardner threaded his drive between the trees on either side of the narrow 14th fairway. And Staman witnessed both shots! He and Randy Gladden were the other two members of Snyder’s foursome.

                                                                                 DON SNYDER AND MIKE STAMAN


The albatross, or double eagle, is defined as three-under par on a single hole, and, according to the National Hole in One Association, is far rarer. The odds of a hole in one are 12,700 to 1.

Snyder’s team came in with total of 55, or 17-under. Three teams tied for 2nd place with 58s, but a card-off gave it to the team of Michael Allen, Martin Halper, Dick Higgins, and Tom Kunce. The team of Rick Cricenti, Dan Malachuk, Peter Quinn, and Jon Sweet took third.

In the 1st Flight, the team of Pat Beringer, Charlie Bradford, Ed O’Donnell, and Tom Richards shot a 13-under 59 to take 1st place; the team was helped by Bradford’s chip-in from 45-feet for a net birdie.

Two teams shot 12-under 60s to tie for 2nd place. The team of Rick Colvin, Bob Hainly, John Higgins, and Paul Warhola beat the team of Kevin Brandon, Terry Irvin, John Landuyt, and Phil Redmond in a card-off for the win.  

                                                                                    Membership Notes

New LMGA member Bill Turrentine and his wife, Lisa, moved to The Landings from  Atlanta at the beginning of June. The Turrentines had been visiting friends here for years before deciding to make the move. “We had no idea we’d enjoy it as much as we are,” Bill said. “What a special place with wonderful people and beautiful golf!”

Bill, who is still working, co-founded NLM Water LLC, which recycles water used in the fracking process. The company is based in Midland, Texas. Bill said his most memorable round of golf was on the PGA National Champion Course in Palm Beach Gardens, FL., where he parred all three holes in the aptly named “Bear Trap”—the par 3 15th, par 4 16th, and par 3 17th.