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LMGA Inter-Club Play

Kit Dooley/Mike Mcgough, John Schwonke/Sam Demartino, Charlie Ryan/Gary Poleynard, George Yost/Dan Degood, and Bob Puccini/Steve Voss played at Port Royal-Barony Course vs. CCHH on Jan 8th. It was a tight match except that one of the groups ran into a bull dozer and The Landings' LMGA Team lost the match 47.5 to 41.5. The next LMGA Club Match is at Sea Pines where The Landings will compete against Sun City on Jan. 20th. Here are the current Club standings. *Clubs have only played 3 matches where the other Clubs have played 4 matches. So we are currently in about 6th place. PH 190.0 1 SP 189.0 2 PD 188.5 3 TL 178.0 4 DH 171.0 5 CC 168.5 6 PR* 156.0 7 SC 155.5 8 AH* 140.0 9 MC* 138.0 10 HH* 125.5 11