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LMGA Thursday Play Survey Results


LMGA Thursday Play Survey


Summary of Results and

Changes in the Works



In an effort to improve LMGA’s Thursday play a short survey was sent to members in November.  We were gratified by the big response in which a full half of the membership completed the survey.  Many thanks for your time and thoughtful responses.


A group analyzed the results and then proposed changes to incorporate some of the recommendations.  This is their report.


     First, it looks at some seeming misperceptions about LMGA Thursday play. 

     Second, it reviews suggestions members gave us and which we will implement. 

     Finally, it discusses a few things we cannot change and explains why.   



What Surprised Us


       Among some misperceptions were these:  LMGA does not allow Medal tee play; the group does not welcome walkers; LMGA’s members are mostly low handicappers; and play is highly competitive and thus intimidating to some.  


       We think the facts tell a different story:


      About a quarter of our members regularly play from the Medal tees, and a good number of players walk the course when the weather is favorable or on cart-path-only days. Organizers do make an effort to group Medal tee players together and the same with walkers. 


     With respect to handicaps we do have about 40 members with low handicaps of 10 or below.  But, we also have approximately 40 members with handicaps of 20 or above. The other 200 fall in between.  


     How competitive is LMGA?  No more so, we think, than other weekly groups.  Even our match play events – like Club Cup (formerly Ryder Cup) – are fairly low key affairs.  Yes, if your putt will impact the outcome of the match or the game, you’ll need to putt it out.  (And yes, we all miss our share of 3-footers so don’t worry about it).   One high handicapper who plays often says, “I don’t feel any pressure.  Foursomes generally seem pleased to have me in their group.  With my extra strokes I often contribute more points than my lower-handicap partners.”


       LMGA’s priorities can be summed up as “Fun & Fellowship”; to have fun; to meet new people; to play well (or not); and when it’s over, to share a complimentary beer or soda with friends.



What We Will Change


       A significant number of respondents said they would play more often if they hadn’t already scheduled with another group or made another commitment. 


     Beginning soon your captain will email you monthly two weeks in advance to ask about your availability and provide information on play dates, the course and the game (e.g. Thursday, January 8- Club Cup Match Play on the Oakridge Course).  This email will have links built in for immediate sign-up.   Then, a second reminder email will reach you a few days before the deadline for sign-up.  Finally we will keep a few slots open for guys who find they can play after the Mondayevening sign-up deadline.  To do so you would email tournament chair Gary Anklowitz:, and he will fit you in if he can. 



What We Cannot Change


       Many respondents asked that we change play from Thursday to another day or preferred a different starting time. 


     The Club has told us this is not an option given its commitments to other large groups (LWGA, L9GA, Gold Blitz, etc.).   We have tried to negotiate swaps with other groups to get a mix of days and starting times, and will continue to do so, but we are not holding our breath.  In the meantime we encourage you to contact any of the friendly club pros and ask to be included in the weekly Saturday Men’s Blitz outings that they organize.



       A handful of respondents asked for more parings with others of equal handicaps. 


     Actually, this already occurs twice each month (1st and 3rd Thursdays) when we feature match play and during the Club Cup (formerly Ryder Cup) matches.


     Beyond this it has been our goal to have as many 4 man team games comprised of A, B, C, and D players, such that everyone gets to play with all other golfers in the LMGA.



       Again, we appreciate your time and comments and welcome ideas and recommendations at any time.  LMGA.