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LMGA Vendor Partners Program

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LMGA members have significant buying power which we intend to leverage in order to realize benefits for all members and their wives.  Our initial targets are fine dining restaurants in downtown Savannah, vacation travel opportunities, and Savannah merchants.  To this end, we have entered into partnerships with several fine dining restaurants, several related travel firms, and a number of merchants, from stationery to jewelry.  Over time we will seek to expand these cateogies and add additional merchants whose goods and services represent areas of discretionary spending by our members.  

The specific merchants and their offerings are detailed under the links above and below.  By clicking these links you can review all current offerings.  As additional merchants are enrolled, they will be listed under the appropriate categories for your use.  These opportunities are exclusively available to our members and their wives, and only with your LMGA Card.  

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