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LMGA Year-Long Ryder Cup Competition

The LMGA will be staging a season-long Ryder Cup Competition that will pit the four teams from the island against one another.  Starting in February the competition will take the form of matches every month ultimately involving all the Ryder Cup-style formats.  

LMGA RYDER CUP CHALLENGE 2014 - All the Details:

The Ryder Cup is the most prestigious event in golf, and is a biennial golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States, with venues alternating between them. To commemorate the 2014 Ryder Cup to be held September 23-28th at Gleneagles, Scotland the LMGA will sponsor a Ryder Cup Competition.  The four LMGA Captains will select their teams from all LMGA members who commit to play.  Each Captain will seek to build a strong team by selecting players from all the different neighborhoods and there will be flights of A, B and C players so you will compete against similar handicaps.  


On the second or third Thursday of the month (in February, March, April, May, June and August) the  teams will compete in a series of Ryder Cup Style matches.  Schedule with dates below. Each team will play the other three in two matches over the course of the competition.  The play formats will be Foursomes (alternate shot), Fourball (better ball) and singles matches. Each month the competition will be two 9-hole matches using one of the two Ryder Cup Formats. Each clubhouse will have the potential to win a match point in each of the two matches versus another clubhouse. Overall a team can accumulate up to 6 match points during the year long competition. At the end of the last match in August the teams will be flighted 1-4 (based on match point totals) for the seeding of the 2-day final tournament on September 24-28. 

Schedule of Play

Date             Teams           Format                             Course

02/20/14       OK vs. PL        Fourball & Singles          Oakridge

                      MW vs. DC      

03/13/14      OK vs. MW      Foursome & Singles        Palmetto

                      PL vs. DC        

04/17/14      OK vs. DC       Fourball & Foursomes     Oakridge

                      MW vs. PL        

05/22/14       PL vs. OK       Foursome & Singles        Plantation

   1:15 start     DC vs. MW

06/19/14      MW vs. OK      Fourball & Singles          Deer Creek

                      DC vs. PL

08/14/14       DC vs. OK       Foursome & Fourball     Oakridge

                      PL vs. MW             

09/24/14       Finals             Foursomes, Fourball      Magnolia

                         1vs.4, 2vs.3     & singles matches each day  

09/28/14       Winners play   Foursomes, Fourball      Plantation

                       Losers play       & singles matches each day                   


The format for the LMGA Ryder Cup involves various match play competitions between players registered & selected from the teams with each team playing the three (3) other teams twice. The two competing club house teams will play a series of 2 – 9 hole matches using two of the three Ryder Cup formats. For Example, the February match will be 9 holes of Fourball and 9 holes individual Singles matches.  Team sizes will be set in advance of each match based on registration and may vary in each monthly event. Each team member will earn an Individual Point for winning a 9 - hole match and the club house team with the most Individual Points wins the match earning a Match Point (1/2 point if a draw).

The teams will be seeded for the two-day finals (September 24/28) based on total Match Points accumulated over the 6 matches played between February through August. Each team may earn up to 6 Match Points during the competition.

In the finals matches the first day 1st place will play 4th place and 2nd place will play 3rd. In Day 2, the winners of Day 1 will play for overall LMGA Ryder Cup champion, with losers of Day 1 playing for third place.

Awards and prizes 

On September 28th, LMGA will host a viewing party to watch the final day at Gleneagles.  This will be followed by the final matches in the LMGA Ryder Cup competition.  At the conclusion of the matches, prizes will be awarded. 

Individual Awards

Competitors in the monthly matches will each be charged the usual $5 against their club accounts.  The $5 fee will fund the Winners Pool which will be paid out to the top 20 players (regardless of teams) earning the most Individual Points during the 6 monthly match events.  The Top 20 Point Winners will earn their share of the prize pool based on their total of Individual Match Points divided by the sum of the Top 20 Players combined Individual Match Points. Winnings will be paid as Pro Shop Credit.  

Team Champion Awards

The overall winners will be awarded a team trophy to be displayed in the winning clubhouse. In addition the winning clubhouse team will be treated to a team only (and spouses) BBQ where the team trophy will be awarded. 

Draft of teams

The team draft has been completed and team assignments made for all LMGA members. If you have not been notified of your team affiliation or been contacted by your team captain please call or email our Tournament Chair, Mike Barber at 912-349-3460 or 636-448-4715;

New members joining LMGA will be assigned to teams in a rotation based on their index to ensure that the team balance is maintained.