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MoreSkins Results from April 25th

Thanks for all who participated in our MoreSkins game at Marshwood. As promised, we are tracking the stats for this pilot program from each event, and will make our final recommendation to the LMGA Board in June.  We had 41 players out of a total of 67 participate from all handicap levels, resulting in a total skins pool of $205.  In previous events, we usually had around 30 players participating in the skins games.  We had 5 winners representing a wide range of handicaps indexes from 10.3 to 23.3, and each skin was worth $41. Several ties were broken under the new format, resulting in MoreSkins being awarded for the day. Congratulations to Steve Voss (Hole #1), Ron Thomas (hole #2), James Headley (Hole #7), John Sweet (Hole #12), and Dave Evans (hole #14). Our next skins play date will be May 5th.  If you have any questions, please contact Bill Tomassini, or Scott Happ.