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Oct. 13 Results: Oakridge Maintains a Slim Lead to Win the 2022 Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup

By Rick Colvin

Ten months of once-a-month competitions and two playoff rounds ended October 13 on the 18th hole of the Oakridge course with Oakridge’s Dave Angell sinking a 25-foot putt to tie the hole and his match, and secure his team’s victory in the 2022 Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup.

Angell was playing against Marshwood’s Dan Malachuk and the two players came into the last hole tied. Angell, who carries a 31 handicap, was getting a stroke advantage on the hole and his putt for a bogey tied Malachuk’s par. The other match in the foursome pitted Oakridge’s Bruce Gingold against Marshwood’s Peter Hering and it also ended in a tie. Had Marshwood won either of the matches, the team would have moved into first and taken the Cup.

The foursome was the last to finish and all of the players who were already done gathered around the green to watch the dramatic ending.

Angell said his foursome had no idea that their matches would determine which team won the cup. “I was surprised as heck,” Angell said “It was a great day. I love playing with LMGA because no one gets upset and we just have fun!”

Coming into the last round, Oakridge led the field with 17.85 points to Marshwood’s 16.5. Deer Creek and Palmetto trailed. Each team match on the final day was worth a maximum of 20 points and both matches ended in ties, meaning each team scored 10 points for the day. That left the standings as they were at the beginning of the matches.

Highlight Reel

Mike Towson aced the par 3 12th hole and won his match for the Deer Creek team.