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October 7 LMGA Results: B-A Cup Leader Deer Creek Extends Lead in First Round of Playoffs

 By John Bellucci

In the first of three playoff rounds to determine the winner of the 2021 Bouchillon-Ambrose Cup, regular-season points leader Deer Creek widened its lead with a strong four-ball performance October 7 against the last-place Oakridge team on the Marshwood course. Oakridge had defeated Deer Creek in the last regular season match but could not make it two in a row, losing 6.2 to 4.1.

In the other match, Marshwood moved into second place with its 6.9 to 4.1 victory over the Palmetto team. Palmetto had beaten Marshwood in the last regular season match between those two teams.

Each match was worth 10 points, with the actual tally of each team’s wins and losses pro-rated. Teams gained additional fractional points earned by overflow players scoring at least 32 points using the Stableford scoring system. Oakridge added a quarter-point because Tony Lombard, assigned to the overflow group, exceeded that threshold. Marshwood tallied a whole extra point because four of its players—Peter Hering, Dan Malachuk, Milo Moore, and Rick Saunders—met or surpassed that benchmark.

Going into the second playoff round, Deer Creek leads with 12.2 points followed by Marshwood with 10.9, Palmetto with 9.1 and Oakridge with 7.1

Day two of the round-robin tournament will be Modified Alternate Shot on the Palmetto course. Deer Creek and Marshwood will square off and Palmetto will take on Oakridge. Those matches will again be worth a maximum of 10 points.

The final playoff round will be singles competitions on the Oakridge course. Deer Creek will face Palmetto and Marshwood will battle it out with Oakridge. With each team match worth 20 points, all four teams still have a chance of taking the Cup.