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The LMGA is managed by a 15-member Board of Directors consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer; seven committee chairs: LMGA Golf, Social, Membership, Technology, Communications, New Neighbors, and Inter-Club; and four Team Captains, one each for Palmetto, Marshwood, Deer Creek and Oakridge.  


Feel free to contact any of the officers with questions or comments. For email addresses and phone numbers, LMGA members can click here.  

  • President- Peter Quinn

  • Vice President- John Bellucci

  • Secretary - Bill Tomassini

  • Treasurer - Steve Voss

  • Golf Chair - Phil Redmond

  • Assistant Golf Chair - Dave Martin

  • New Neighbors Chair - Keith Krueger

  • Membership Chair - Eddie Ambrose

  • Inter-Club Chair - Gary Poleynard

  • Technology Committee Chair - Rick Cunningham

  • Communications Chair - Rick Colvin

  • Deer Creek Team Captain - Bruce Decker

  • Marshwood Team Captain - Charlie Bradford

  • Oakridge Team Captain - Kevin Brandon

  • Plantation Team Captain - Scott Happ