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TeamWork Pays Off in Golf Scramble

A scramble format typically requires teams to work together to win a match, but the game of TeamWork demands an even greater level of cooperation for those teams to succeed.

In TeamWork, a team earns a bonus on any par-4 or par-5 hole that all players contribute to. On a par 4 hole, for example, teams must play each player’s ball in turn. If they do that and par the hole, the team gets to subtract one point, which gives them a total of 3 points on the hole.

A perfect TeamWork round would allow a team to subtract 14 points (par 3 holes are excluded from negative bonus points). A round in which a team scored par on every hole and was able to deduct all 14 points would result in a score of 58. Below-par scores on any hole further reduce the overall team score.

Two foursomes in Flight 1 managed to shoot a perfect TeamWork score, while another carded a 57 and the team with the lowest score of the day came in with a 54. They included:

Mike Stephens, Larry Evans, Jim Rogan and Mark Witbeck (54).

Doug Ramey, Dave Martin, Dan Jackson and Mike McSally (57).

David Foley, Rick Colvin, John Landuyt and Buck Buckner (58).

Greg Snyder, Bobby Balmes, Rib Rubin and Ed Suleski (58).

Runners-up included the foursome of James Headley, Brian Mitchell, Bob Hainly and Brian Piening (60), and the team of Frank Schepis, John Higgins, Bob Banuski and Martin Halper (61).