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Thirsty Thursday Results – April 23rd

Thirsty Thursday play continued using the Club and LMGA Corona Virus social distancing rules. Individual Foursome tee times, and special scorecard and beverage handling procedures at the 19th hole were again the order of the day. The game this week at Deer Creek was Individual Stableford play with 1 winner per each foursome, flighted by handicap. As a reminder, “par” in Stableford is 36 points.

In Flight 1, the wining scores ranged from 30 to 37. Scott Stockslager was the high-score winner with a 37 while George Yost was the low-score winner with a 30. The other winners with scores in the 34 to 36 range were Greg Snyder, Andy Eastwood, Doug Duncan, Steve Heacox, Ed O’Donnell, Larry Batanian, and Ron Monaco.

In Flight 2 we had two high-score winners with scores of 39: Tom Stephens and David Bothwell. We also had two low-score winners at 31: Paul Warhola and Bob Kaplan. The other winners with scores from 34 to 38 were Ted Bumsted, Don Snyder, Phil Redmond, Bob Banuski, Rib Rubin, and Alan Kane.

Given the Corona Virus restrictions, there was no Skins competition. But we do want to give a great big WELCOME to Sam DeMartino who played in his first Thirsty Thursday event. Hope you enjoyed the event and that we see you back here for many more.

And extra kudos again are in order for President Frank Schepis for overall organization of our weekly get-together; Tom Seipel for handling our beverages along with Rick Cricenti who served them; Greg Snyder and Bill Brunton for their help with scorekeeping; and John Bellucci, Steve Skipper, and Mike Munro for continuing to keep us organized despite many last-minute changes. A SHOUT-OUT TO Y’ALL!

Next week Thirsty Thursday play will continue at Marshwood. The game will be 4-man team Stableford where there will be winners for the front nine, the back nine, and overall 18 holes. And given the new normal, social distancing will be the word and the practice of the day, both on the first 18 holes and at the 19th hole, and Foursomes will be assigned individual tee times. Sign up now so you don’t miss out on the action.