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Thirsty Thursday Results – April 9th

Thirsty Thursday play continued using the Club and LMGA Corona Virus social distancing rules. Individual Foursome tee times, and special scorecard and beverage handling procedures at the 19th hole were again the order of the day. Unfortunately, “Mother Nature” tried to drown out the play with torrential showers for 20 minutes. But despite her best efforts, over 50 folks played through to the 19th hole at Marshwood under sunny skies and a pleasant 72 degrees.

The game this week was team Stableford where four-man ABCD teams competed against each other in 2 Flights. Flight 1 was won by the threesome of Pete Quinn, Craig Flynn, and Jim Higbee who had a score of 135. In second place with a score of 132 was the team of Ed O'Donnell, Maurice Greene, Peter Hering, and Rufus Freeman. And third place went to the Foursome of Don Snyder, Gary Wood, Tom Cloft, and Rib Rubin who shot a 130. All very respectable scores given the wet and fast conditions of the course.

Flight 2 had even higher scores with the winning team of Doug Duncan, Bob Tucci, Steve Voss, and Alan Kane shooting a very respectful 139. In second place at 136 was the team of Bruce Bertkau, Eric Rosenstock, Ted Bumsted, and Pete Kusek. And third place ended up in a 3-way tie at 129 with the team of Bob Schmidt, Bob Hainly, Joel Kantor, and Dan Malachuck winning the scorecard playoff with a Back 9 score of 69.

Given the Corona Virus restrictions, there was no Skins competition. But there was a team that looks like they worked very hard to earn the DFL position. The team (you know who you are) distinguished themselves with a round of 108 which was well behind the next leading contenders at 117 and 119. Looks like they are not big fans of foul-weather golf.

Extra kudos again are in order for President Frank Schepis for overall organization and being the beverage server; Tom Seipel for handling our beverages; Bob Hainly for his scorekeeping; and John Bellucci, Steve Skipper, and Mike Munro for continuing to keep us organized despite many last-minute changes and challenging weather conditions. WAY TO GO FOLKS!!!.

Next week the B-A Cup season continues. The game will be 2-man teams playing modified alternate-shot match play where both players hit drives, the team selects one drive, and plays alternate shot into the hole. Plantation plays against Marshwood while Deer Creek takes on Oakridge. As a reminder, Plantation is in the lead with 2.5 points, Deer Creek second with 2.0 points, Oakridge is third with 1.0 points, and Marshwood has the DFL “honors” with 0.5 points. Beverages will be served but food will not be due to Corona Virus social distancing restrictions. Sign up now so that you don’t get left out.