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Thirsty Thursday Results – August 22nd

The format this week was 4-man ABCD teams required to take one or more net balls on odd holes and exactly two net balls on even holes. There were 2 Flights of 6 teams each.

Flight 1 was very competitive with all 6 teams finishing between -14 and -8. Winning by 2 strokes at -14 was the team of Jeff Dorward, Steve Voss, Barry Kumins, and Dave Angell. In contrast, Flight 2 was a run-away with the team of Billy Brunton, John Bellucci, Hal Schmidt, and Bob Kaplan finishing at -20, 6 strokes better than their nearest competitor. Noteworthy was that Billy Brunton shot a 73 to help lead his team to victory (way to go Billy!). Now let’s get that score posted quickly, Billy, before the “handicap police” check up on you!

There was no clear DFL “winner” as there were several teams in the -6 to -9 range (rumor has it that one team who will go unnamed was at 0 after 10 holes before “rallying” to get to -6 after 18 holes). Pace of play was excellent as all scores were posted and Skins adjudicated within 4 hours. And speaking of Skins, there were 7 Skins awarded, only 3 of which went to Net Eagles. The big winner today with 2 Skins was none other than John Bellucci (congrats John!). And there were several holes with no net Birdies/Eagles attesting to the difficulty of the course today.

So, congratulations to all our winners. Next week we will be at Oakridge for individual play using the Stableford Scoring System. There will be 1 winner from each Foursome. Sign up now to beat the rush!