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Thirsty Thursday Results – August 29th

The format this week was individual play using the Stableford Scoring System. There was one winner from each of the 14 Threesomes/Foursomes.

In no particular order, here are the 14 winners: Jeff Dorward, Hale Bishop, Doug Duncan, John Schwonke, Bradd Siegel, Joel Klein, Steve Thomas, Scott Happ, Tom Stevens, Ken Ura, Tom Kunce, Gary Daniel, Mike Staman, and Rick Cunningham. Congratulations to all our winners on some great rounds of golf!

And we also wanted to do a shout-out to our new players, Phil Redmond and Gef Fleming, who joined us for the first time. Sorry you weren’t a winner today but keep coming out; its just a matter of time.

Regarding Skins, there were 8 Skins awarded, all for Net Eagles. A special congratulations goes to Bob Kaplan who was our only 2-Skin winner. Way to go Bob. And unfortunately, there was no DFL “winner” as our Scoreboard Meister John Bellucci was gracious enough not to post the raw scores on the scoreboard. Pace of play was great for all but one Foursome (Gary Poleynard, John Marich, Bradd Siegel, and Jack Welch) who for some reason trailed the other teams by over 15 minutes.  Perhaps they spent an inordinate amount of time looking for their balls in the woods and lagoons. Or perhaps they just wanted to allow the other teams extra time to have another beverage at the Scoreboard?

So, congratulations to all our winners. Next week we will be at Plantation where ABCD teams will be competing against each other using the Stableford Scoring System. Sign up now to beat the rush!