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Thirsty Thursday Results – December 12th

The game this week at Marshwood was Stableford play where “par” was 144. The four-man teams were all AB or CD players with separate AB and CD Flights.

Both Flights were runaways. In Flight 1, the team of Joel Klein, Kevin Brandon, and Bobby Jones won with a score of 143, 8 strokes better than the Flight’s second-place finisher. The winning team for Flight 2 was Bruce Decker, Tom Cloft, and Dave Angell, also with a 143 score which was 19 strokes better than their second-place finisher. Seems like the first-place teams were playing a different game than the other teams. Y’all did play 18 holes, didn’t you??? As there were 5 teams under 120 (ranging from 109-117), there was no single team that got “recognized” for being a clear DFL “winner”.

Regarding Net Skins, there were 8 individual winners with no-one winning more than 1 Skin. The winners were: Ted Bumstead, Jon Sweet, Doug Duncan, Don Snyder, Dan Malachuck, Paul Warhola, George Yost, and Peter Quinn. And an interesting statistic that is a repeat from last week, is that none of the Skin winners were on the two winning teams. Go figure!!! And it should be noted that Dan Malachuck’s name has been coming up a lot lately as a Skin Winner. The buzz at the scoreboard was that Dan has become the new Herb so looks like there is a new person to harass at the 19th hole in 2020!

So, congratulations to all our winners. Next week we will be at Plantation for a special version of Thirsty Thursday play. Our game will be a Pick-6 Scramble with 4-man A-B or C-D teams where each team must select six tees from three different teeing grounds. A-B teams will select from Tournament, Club and Course-Named tees while the C-D teams will use the Club, Medal and Skidaway tees. Following play, we will use the Azalea Room for our usual scoreboard activities and beverages. This will be followed by a complimentary lunch, presentations to Tad Sanders, and a briefing on the new Worldwide Handicap System that will start January 1st. Sign up as usual on the LMGA Website. The deadline for registration is 5PM Monday. Also, the January schedule is up on the Calendar so you can sign up now for January play!