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Thirsty Thursday Results – December 19th

The game this week was a crowd favorite - a Pick-6 Scramble with 4-man A-B or C-D teams where each team selected six tees from three different teeing grounds. A-B teams used Tournament, Club and Course-Named tees while the C-D teams used the Club, Medal and Skidaway tees.

Both Flights ended up with similar scores. Both winning teams had scores of -17 while the range of scores was very tight, going from -17 for 1st place to -10 for last place. In the A-B Flight 1, the winning team was the team of Bob Kulp (more about him later), Bryan Edgar, and Bob Hainly. In the C-D Flight 2, the winning team was the team of Kevin Olson, Joel Kantor, and Bob Benson who won a scorecard playoff (sorry, Bob Gardner, Steve Voss, David Bothwell, and Steve Skipper – now if only one of you had made that additional putt …).

There was no Net Skins competition due to the Scramble format but there was the ultimate “Skins” winner with a hole-in-one! Congratulations are in order for Bob Kulp who nailed his hole-in-one on Plantation #8. And for those who are wondering, yes Bob was in the hole-in one pool so it looks like Bob can use the 120+ “donations” for the past year to “up his game” in getting a Christmas present for Connie (you did tell Connie, didn’t you Bob?). And for the rest of us, Gary Anklowitz will be collecting for the new pool so remember you can’t win-it if you aren’t in-it!

So, congratulations to all our winners. They and all the “non-winners” were able to enjoy a great buffet lunch indoors (thank-you Plantation staff) that accompanied the awards ceremony for Tad Sanders and Mike McNutt’s presentation on the new handicap system that goes into effect Jan 7th.

Next Thursday, Dec 26th, there will be no Thirsty Thursday play in celebration of Boxing Day (aka The Day After Christmas). For those of you unfamiliar with Boxing Day, here is an opportunity to hone your Google skills. The following Thursday, Jan 2nd, we will resume play at Plantation at 9:30am. The game will be 4-man team best ball where teams will be required to take at least one net ball on odd numbered holes and exactly two net balls on even holes. Sign up now so that you don’t miss out on the action.