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Thirsty Thursday Results – December 5th

After taking the previous week off for Thanksgiving, over 70 folks came out for our weekly Thirsty Thursday play. The event this week had four-man A-B-C-D teams using the Stableford Scoring system where “par” was 144. There were payouts for the Overall winning team along with the winning teams of the Front Nine and the Back Nine where no team could win more than once.

In Flight 1, the team of Greg Snyder, Milo Moore, David Seeley, and Mike McGough finished in 1st place for Overall best score with a round of 130, 5 strokes better than the 2nd place team. The winning team for the Front Nine was the team of Billy Brunton, Scott Happ, Ted Bumsted, and Mike Munro (winning the scorecard tie-breaker at 64) while the team of Kevin Brandon, Hal Schmidt, Bob Jannino, and Dick Higgins won the Back Nine by 1 stroke with a score of 62. It should be noted that the Flight 1 Overall winning team also had the best score for the Back Nine (a 67) but couldn’t claim that prize due to the “only 1 win” rule.

Flight 2 was an even bigger run-away as the team of Bruce Decker, Mike Staman, Kerry Fosse and a guest of his (Mr. Halgerson) shot a 135, beating the closest competitor by 11 strokes (now about your guest’s handicap, Kerry). And as you would suspect, they also had the best Front Nine and Back Nine scores but again ran afoul of the “only 1 win” rule. Benefiting from this rule, the threesome of Grant Buchanan, Ken Carlough, and Steve Nazaruk won the Front Nine in a scorecard playoff with a 60 while the team of Joel Klein, Mark Monson, Gary Poleynard, and Frank Schepis won thee Back Nine by 6 strokes with a score of 67.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, were our DFL teams. Winning the “honors” for Flight 1 was the team of Kevin Olson, Jim Shirley, Stephen Heacox, and David Bothwell who shot a round of 107, 5 strokes below their nearest Flight 1 competitor. And in Flight 2, the team of John Schwonke, Rick Cricenti, John Palermo, and Dan Malachuk shot a round of 110, 2 strokes below their nearest Flight 2 competitor. Looks like it was a tough day for these 2 teams with a lot of muttering at the scoreboard about “worst round ever”.

Regarding Net Skins, there were 10 (that’s right -10) individual winners with no-one winning more than 1 Skin. The winners were: Mike Morris, Dan Maluchuk, Jack Welch, Ande Bodary, Ted Bumsted, Mark Munson, Bruce Decker, Kevin Brandon, Jim Higbee, and Bob Kaplan. And an interesting statistic was that none of the Skin winners were on the Overall winning teams but one Skin winner was on one of the DFL teams (yes, you Dan Malachuk).

So, congratulations to all our winners. Next week we will be at Marshwood for another round of Stableford play where it will be all A’s or B’s or C’s or D’s on each four-man team, flighted by handicap. Sign-up soonest so that you don’t miss out on the action.