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Thirsty Thursday Results – February 13th

The game this week was 4-man ABCD teams playing “Red-White-Yellow” net best-ball where each team selected 1 ball on yellow (back) pins, 2 balls on white (middle) pins, and 3 balls on red (front) pins. There were 3 Regular Flights along with a Super Senior Flight with almost 90 golfers participating in the 4 Flights.

Flight 1 was a bit of a runaway where the team of Bill Wolod, Kevin Brindle, Peter Altman, and Dick Higgins shot a score of -16 which was 5 strokes better than their nearest competitor. Flight 2 was a bit closer where the team of Scott Stocklager, Bob Hainly, Bruce Decker, and Rib Rubin also shot a score of -16, beating their nearest competitor by 3 strokes. But Flight 3 was a bit of a nail bitter. The team of Paul Lieberman, James Dwyer, Bob Schmidt, and Michael Allen shot a round of -17 which edged out 2 teams by only 1 point. Bet a lot of folks are kicking themselves right now over 1 or 2 putts that they “could of/would of/should of” made! In the Super Senior Flight, the team of Tom Hudson, Dick Lamb, Alan Kane, and Dave Angell (their Blind Draw) shot a score of -14, edging out their 2nd place finisher by 2 strokes.

Regarding Skins, there were 8 Skins awarded to 8 different players. Tom Kunce and Peter Altman both won a Skin with net-Birdies (not a common occurrence) while Bob Hainly, John Bellucci, Edgar Yu, Don Snyder, Herb Gallagher, and Keith Krueger all won with net-Eagles. A special SHOUT OUT goes to our players with multiple wins: Bob Hainly and Peter Altman who each won a Skin along with being on a winning Foursome team. Way to go Bob and Peter!

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we had a clear DFL “winning team” today that is worthy of mention. The Threesome of Bill Brunton, George Yost, and Gary Wood finished with an over-par score (rumor has it that it was in double digits) and even with a Blind Draw, finished with a score of -2, 14 strokes behind the 1st place team in their Flight. Not sure what happened out on the course; perhaps they were taking 3 balls on every hole.

So, congratulations to all our winners. Next Thursday at 9:30 at Palmetto we will have our second B-A Cup competition of 2020. The format will be Individual net-score Match Play. Plantation is currently in sole possession of First Place and Oakridge is in the “coveted” DFL position while Marshwood and Deer Creek are tied for 2nd place. But that could all change next week when Plantation attempts to keep their perfect record with a win over Marshwood and Oakridge tries to move out of DFL with a win against Deer Creek. And as always on B-A Cup Thursdays, there will be lunch served to supplement our normal liquid refreshments. Sign-up now so that you don’t miss out on the fun!