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Thirsty Thursday Results – February 6th

The game this week was individual play using the Stableford format where there was one winner in each foursome.  Play this week included 11 men who joined the inaugural Super Senior Flight for their own Stableford game and Skins competition.

In the regular Flight, the winners of the 14 foursomes were:  Ron Thomas, Grant Buchanan, Peter Quinn, John Higgins, Bob Jannino, Bob Schmidt, George Yost, Don Snyder, Hal Schmidt, David Bothwell, Herb Gallagher, Bob Benson, John Bellucci, and Peter Altman.

Regarding Skins, there were 8 Skins won with Herb Gallagher being the only double winner while Peter Altman, Dan Malachuk, Tom Cloft, Keith Krueger, Paul Hubert, and Eddie O’Donnell were single winners.

In the Super Senior Flight, there were 3 foursomes which were won by Mike Harhai, Vic Bell, and Alan Kane.  7 Skins were awarded with Pete Kusek and Mike Harhai winning 2 apiece while Dave Angell, Peter Hering, and Kerry Fosse won 1 each.

A special SHOUT OUT goes to our players with multiple wins:  Mike Harhai and Herb Gallagher, both with 2 Skins and a foursome victory; and Peter Altman with 1 Skin along with a foursome win.  Way to go guys!

So, congratulations to all our winners.  Next Thursday, play continues at Marshwood where the game will be 4-man teams playing “Red-White-Yellow” net best-ball  where each team must select 1 ball on yellow (back) pins, 2 balls on white (middle) pins, and 3 balls on red (front) pins.  There will be regular and Super Senior flights.  Remember, those wanting to play in the Super Seniors flight need to check off the box for Super Seniors on the first line of the player registration form on the LMGA calendar.