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Thirsty Thursday Results – January 9th

The game this week was Stableford where four-man teams used their total team Stableford scores for each hole. There were 3 Flights that were flighted by handicap.

All the Flights had run-away results. In Flight 1, the team of Bryan Edgar, Joel Klein, Ande Bodary, and Stephen Heacox won with a score of 132, 5 points better than the runner-up. In Flight 2, the team of Mike Munro, Bruce Decker, Gef Fleming, and Bill Tomassini won with a score of 135, 7 better than the runner-up. And in Flight 3, the team of Peter Hering, Ken Carlough, and Jim Shirley won with a score of 128, 6 better than their runner-up.

It is interesting that no team was able to score near “par” for Stableford which is 144. Speculation was that the re-calculation of handicaps with the new World Handicap System was the culprit as each player typically lost several “dots” due to their new course handicaps being several strokes below what they were under the old system.

In the Skins competition there were 6 Skins awarded, all for Net-Eagles. The 6 single winners were David Evans, Gef Fleming, Frank Schepis, Ted Bumsted, Bill Brunton, and Peter Hering. Gef Fleming and Peter Hering were our big “double winners” of the day as they both were on a 1st place team along with being a Skin winner. A big SHOUT OUT goes to Gef and Peter.

So, congratulations to all our winners. Next Thursday at 9:30 at Deer Creek will be our first B-A Cup competition of the new year. The format will be two-man teams Modified Alternate Shot in Match Play. Both players of each team will hit drives, the teams will select their best drive, and then the teams will play alternate shot into the hole. And as always on B-A Cup Thursdays, there will be lunch served to supplement our normal liquid refreshments. Sign-up now so that you don’t miss out on the fun!