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Thirsty Thursday Results – June 27th

The game this week was team Best Ball where 4-man teams were required to take 3 net balls on greens with a red (front) flag, 2 net balls with white (middle) flags, and 1 net ball with yellow (back) flags. Course conditions at Deer Creek were excellent with smooth fairways and moderate rough. The 13 ABCD teams were split into 2 Flights.

In Flight 1 there were 2 teams tied for First Place with scores of 25. Winning the scorecard playoff was the team of Kevin Brandon, Robert Jones, Mark Monson, and Bill Brunton (sorry Terry Irvin, Tony Lombard, Kerry Fosse, and David Evans; now if only one of you made that putt …). In Flight 2, winning First Place by 2 strokes with a winning score of 26 was the team of Mike McGough, Bob Hainly, Spence Carlough, and Phil VanEss. In the Skins competition, there were 7 single winners, all with Net Eagles. Pace of play was good with most teams in under 4 hours.

But the real competition was for the “coveted” DFL position. The team of Pete Quinn, Ed O’Donnell, and Rick Cunningham thought they had it nailed with a total score of 10 (and yes that did include a Blind Draw who requested anonymity). But one of the last teams into the scoreboard shattered their score with a total score of 4 (yes, they claimed they had 4 players and that they did indeed play 18 holes). So, we salute the team of John Schwonke, Richard Colvin, Steve Skipper, and Mike Staman with one of the more amazing DFL finishes this year.

So, congratulations to all our winners. Next Thursday will be July 4th so there will be no Thirsty Thursday play. Play will resume on July 11th at Deer Creek where we will have 4-man ABCD teams required to take one or more net balls on odd holes and exactly two netballs on even holes. Sign up now to ensure you don’t miss out!