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Thirsty Thursday Results – June 4th

Nine Foursomes started out to play an 18-hole A-B-C-D four-man team Stableford competition. But the skies opened-up on the Back 9, causing all but 2 Foursomes to abandon the course and head for drier environments. While most folks headed home, there was a solid 10-ish person cadre that visited the 19th hole at the Plantation Club Pro Shop side-porch. Shelter from the rain was available along with the usual liquid refreshments served in accordance with the Club’s social distancing rules.

Extra-extra kudos are in order for President Frank Schepis for his overall organization of our weekly get-together along with the 19th hole festivities, and Tom Seipel for handling the delivery of our ice-cold beverages under less than ideal conditions. Thank you Frank and Tom!!!

Kudos are also in order for our two foursomes who did complete all 18 holes in spite of the downpours. And although there were no prizes awarded due to the weather, their love of the game is to be commended and was admired by all.

Next Thursday we are at Deer Creek for another Team Stableford competition where there will be four-man A-B-C-D teams where foursomes will report their total Stableford score for all four players. Special scorecard and beverage handling procedures at the 19th hole will again be used. Sign up now so that you don’t get left out.