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Thirsty Thursday Results – November 21st

Over 55 players showed up at Deer Creek this week for team play where each four-man ABCD team was required to take two or more net-balls on every hole. We had 14 Foursomes that were grouped into 2 Flights. In Flight 1, the team of Tony Lombard, John Higgins, Bob Murphy, and John Brennan won a close match with a score of 22, 2 strokes better than the 2nd place finisher. In Flight 2, the winning team of Ron Thomas, Steve Bunn, John Evans, and Rib Rubin also had a score of 22, beating their 2nd place team by 3 strokes.

Regarding Net Skins, there were 7 individual winners with at least 1 Net Birdie winner in addition to the usual group of Net Eagle winners, a testament to the difficultness of the course today. The Skin winners were: Mark Rosenbaum, Bob Murphy, Mike Staman, Tim Elliott, Keith Krueger, Lee Bodary, and Rib Rubin. Way to go guys! And a special SHOUT-OUT for Bob Murphy and Rib Rubin as double winners – both won a Skin along with being on their Flight’s winning team. Way to go Bob & Rib!

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we had a clear DFL team in each Flight who needs to be “’recognized”. In Flight 1 with a total score of 8, 5 strokes behind their nearest Flight 1 competitor, was the team of Bob Hainly, Robert Jannino, Bob Banuski, and Don Snyder. We are still trying to determine if they quit at the turn or if they really played 18 holes. Flight 2 was a little bit better where the team of Doug Duncan, Eddie O’Donnell, Mark Monson, and Hal Schmidt finished with a score of 10, 4 strokes behind their nearest Flight 2 competitor. They did confirm that they did indeed play 18 holes. Tough day on the course for these 2 teams!

We also had a pace-of-play DFL team in Flight 2 who will remain anonymous, but they know who they are. A long day of over 4.5 hours on the course. But on a brighter note, the 1st team into the scoreboard in under 4 hours today was the walking team of Joel Klein, Jim Golz, Tim Elliott, and Mike Staman. A SHOUT OUT to all the fast walkers!

So, congratulations to all our winners. Next week there will be no Thirsty Thursday play – HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! The following Thursday, Dec 5th, Thirsty Thursday play will resume at Palmetto. This event will have four-man teams using the Stableford Scoring system. There will be payouts for the Overall winning team along with the winning teams of the Front Nine and the Back Nine where no team can win more than once. Sign-up soonest so that you don’t miss out on the action.