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Thirsty Thursday Results – September 12th

The format this week for our 50 players was four-man ABCD teams using the Stableford Scoring system where “par” is 72 per 9 holes.  There were payouts for the winners of the Front Nine, the Back Nine, and overall 18 holes where a team could not double-dip with more than one win.

In Flight 1 the team of Joel Klein, Gary Daniel, Kevin Olson, and John Palermo was the overall winner with a score of 136, 7 strokes better than the 2nd place finisher.  They also would have won the Back Nine with a score of 68 if double-dipping was allowed.  Winning the Front Nine was the Foursome of Terry Irvin, Mark Monson, Peter Altman, and Bob Kaplan with a score of 69.   It should be noted that they started on hole 10 and shot a 48 on the Back Nine before their miraculous turnaround on the Front Nine.  And it should also be noted that they were the only team to have an overall score less than 120 with a 117 round. Talk about two different teams out on the course; looks like it took 9 holes before the coffee (and Fire ball?) kicked in.  Regarding the Back Nine, the Foursome of Hale Bishop, Bob Schmidt, Eric Rosenstock, and Dave Angell shot a 66 to win it. 

In Flight 2, the team of Rick Saunders, Scott Happ, Gary Howard, and Herb Gallagher was the overall winner with the high score of the day of 142, 4 strokes better than their nearest competitor.  And like Flight 1, they would have also won the Back Nine with a score of 71 if double-dipping was permitted.  Winning the Front Nine with a score of 73 (the only score better than par) was the Threesome of Frank Shepis, Bob Gardner, and Jim Golz while the Twosome of George Yost and Gary Hughes won the Back Nine with a score of 70.  This was George’s inaugural play with LMGA so he’s off to a great start; way to go George!

In the Skins competition, there were 5 individual winners with Rick Cunningham, Steve Skipper, Herb Gallagher, and John Bellucci winning with Eagles and Bob Kaplan eking out a win with a Birdie.  Pace of play was good with everyone finishing up around the 4-hour mark.  And in case you missed it up above, the team of Terry Irvin, Mark Monson, Peter Altman, and Bob Kaplan had the most unusual distinction of being both a winner and having DFL honors.  Now you don’t see that every week! 

So, congratulations to all our winners.  Next week is a Bouchillon–Ambrose Cup week at Oakridge.  Deer Creek with its 2nd win in a row last month will be trying to take the momentum away from Oakridge while Plantation will take on Marshwood in the battle for 2nd (and DFL).  The game will be 2-Man Match-Play teams using a Modified Alternate Shot format where one player’s drive is selected, the player’s partner hits the second shot, and the players continue to alternate shots until the ball is holed out.  And as always, there will be food and beverages at the 19th hole.  Sign up now to beat the rush!