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Thirsty Thursday Results – September 17th

Between the threat of thunderstorms, a commitment to catering for 80+ lunches, Magnolia being cart path only, and the virtual certainty that we’ll have a number of late cancellations wreaking havoc with 4-ball matches – we’ve decided to postpone the BA Cup match.

Next Thursday at Deer Creek we will play the final Thursday B-A Cup match of the 2020 season which will determine the seedings for the 3-day B-A Cup tournament in October. First place Deer Creek will play 3rd place Oakridge while 2nd place Palmetto will play last place Marshwood. The game will be 4-Ball match play where 2-man teams will select one net best ball on every hole.

Individual Foursome tee times, and special scorecard and beverage handling procedures at the 19th hole will again be the order of the day. And lunch will be served in addition to the usual Thirsty Thursday beverages that we all have become accustomed to.

IF YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED UP FOR PLAY NEXT WEEK, PLEASE DO SO NOW! We cannot rollover the registration or matches so you MUST be registered next week to play in the BA Cup match! Sign up now so that you don’t get left out.