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Thirsty Thursday Results – September 19th

The format this week for our 70 players was 2-Man Match-Play teams using a Modified Alternate Shot format where one player’s drive is selected, the player’s partner hits the second shot, and the players continue to alternate shots until the ball is holed out.  Marshwood faced off against Plantation.  Team Red, Marshwood, pulled off the victory with the final score being 5¼ to 3¼.  Both teams were able to get ¼ point from their overflow players.  In the other match, Deer Creek pulled off the upset of the mighty Oakridge team with a 4½ to 2¾ win.  It’s significant to note that Oakridge had 9 players in the overflow pool, with 5 of them scoring points. There was no skins competition this week. Food and beverage were enjoyed by all after the match.  Pace of play for the match was good, especially considering that the course was cart path only for the day.The format for September 26th play will be two or more and the course that we are playing is Palmetto.  If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so as soon as possible.Going into the B-A Cup Tournament, Oakridge is the #1 seed with 7 points.  Marshwood is #2 with 4 points, Deer Creek is #3 with 4 points and Plantation is #4 with 3 points.Here are key points for participation and registration:

  • Day 1 & Day 2 will be played at Oakridge and the Day 3 match at Deer Creek.  Each day is a 9AM shotgun.  New this year, all points (including the season points above) are cumulative over the three days with days 1 & 2 worth 10 points each and day 3 worth 20 points.
  • Beverages will be cold as always after each match and we will have lunch all 3 days after play.
  • Participants may play any day or all days and must register for each day separately through the web site.

Scores will be posted every day so that everyone knows where they stand.  The goal is to make sure all matches are relevant and that every team has a shot on Day 3.  The bottom line – the team that plays the best over the four-part competition – will win!  Sign up now and come out for the 2019 Bouchillon - Ambrose Cup Championship. A special thank you to Kelly Bouchillon and Eddie Ambrose for their continued sponsorship of the Bouchillon - Ambrose Cup